Babylon Podcast Video Now on Blip

BlipTV logoYou may have noticed that the Ustream logo on the sidebar has been replaced with the Blip.TV logo…. or not. So to be sure everyone does notice, I’m pointing it out now.

The video archive of Babylon Podcast episodes has been created at Blip, and is moving over there to give everyone a better viewing experience than Ustream has for archived videos.

The new show page: As of August 2015, Blip has shut down

The 10 oldest episodes that we have video for are there so far, and I will be adding more over the coming weeks, until we’re caught up. And after that’s caught up, a link to each valid video edition will be included in the corresponding audio episode’s show notes here.

What’s the upside, you ask? Well, the video editions are much like the old audio live streams… completely unedited and unexpurgated, from the second Mike turns the video on until he shuts it off when we’re done. So those extras you remember either giggling at or shaking your head at, they’re still there.

Alas, some notable episodes will be missing. We lost the video for Show #188, the Jerry Doyle interview, and for Show #200, the girls talking about the Beefcake of B5, and a couple Feedbackapaloozas here and there.

But other than that, most of the shows from Show #190 forward will be available.



  1. This isn’t about the old video shows, but the new video stream for episode 248 has no audio to it. I have tried to play it in different browsers, but there is no difference.

  2. The audio on the saved video at Ustream kicks in at about 5:00-5:05, and is good from there on.

    Since I have the source audio that Mike recorded, I may be able to fix that in post so that the video that I’ll eventually upload to Blip will be complete.