io9 – Top 10 best SF smack talk

Recently, io9 (they come from the future) ran a top ten list of all-time best space battle smack talk. Number one of course was from “Wrath of Kahn”. Number 2, however, was Ivanova’s “God sent me” speech. What’s really cool is that a number of other readers offered up Delenn’s “Only one Earth Captain” speech as an excellent example.

For the full list, go to io9’s greatest space battle smack talk article.


  1. Well, both of them should have made the list, but definitely Delenn FTW!

    Nothing beats that ‘victory snatched from the jaws of defeat’ moment. Impeccably delivered, and firmly establishing B5’s independent status AND new comrades in arms.

  2. I think both should have made the list, but Delenn showing up and castrating the human fleet was pretty awesome. They also have the wrong Doctor Who speech, the Pandorica speech is so much better.

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