Babylon Podcast #252: Neilapalooza 2

Welcome to Show #252!

Lots and lots of feedback, speculation, and general random geeking… enjoy!

Also, folks preparing to review and discuss the comics and novels with us (or for us), get ready… your turn will be coming up soon!

And someone keep reminding Summer to get cracking on the “Impatient Viewers Guide for Babylon 5”!

Oh, here’s “Fear the Beard” for your gigglefication:

Lurker’s Guide 2.0: Summer is expanding the documentation to be covered at Lurker’s Guide 2.0, the major change being converting the episode guide into a full Wiki with cross-referenced topics, tidbits and everything you’d want in a Wiki. She’s also still searching for pictures of rare collectibles, photos of magazine covers and toys, and all sorts of other B5 goodies that didn’t get included in the original guide during the years after Crusade. Let her know if you want to lend a hand.

More Parody/Filk Songs Wanted: If you know of any more B5-related fan songs out there, definitely let us know, so we can let other B5 fans know where to buy them! And if those CDs are out of print, let’s brainstorm on ways to get those songs back out there for fans!

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Babylon 5 Information Gathering: If you know of a dead or abandoned B5 related website that may be in need of a new home, let Summer know! Maybe we can mirror it here or house it on a sister site.

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Link: Pleasure Thresholds by Patricia Tallman
Promo: Dragon Page “Cover to Cover”


  1. Summer mentioned them, but never posted a link. Here is a link to the Delenn version of B5 My Little Ponnies.

  2. Wait, what? Yes I did!

    There are links posted in the notes for Show #250, including a link to contact the person who makes them so you can custom order your own B5 Little Pony!

  3. My apologies, your certainly did, but I was listening to the feedback show at the time. Please don’t hurt me.

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