Babylon Podcast #258: Little Bugs Have Lesser Bugs (Crusade)

Welcome to Show #258!

Deep Geeking: Tim and Summer discuss the unproduced Crusade script, “Little Bugs Have Lesser Bugs”, which was written by Peter Woodward and slated to be a Season 2 episode.

The larger implications from the plot of this script are intriguing, given that it revealed a previously unknown vulnerability in the Drakh, and also gives us a storytelling conundrum, trying to obsessively figure out where in Season 2 this episode would have aired.

If you want to read this one for yourself, it’s in Crusade: Other Voices, Vol 1

Discussion: Summer goes into a little more background on why her disappointment with “Legend of the Rangers” turned into a temporarily blinding rage.

Also, folks preparing to review and discuss the comics and novels with us (or for us), get ready… your turn will be coming up soon!

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  1. Hi guys. Great show. Couple of comments:

    On the subject of where in the schedule this would have come. You’re missing the obvious. Had there actually been a second half of season 1 and indeed a season 2, this episode would have been retroactively placed into the production schedule as episode 4 of season *1*, most likely including some changes of actors and another wardrobe swap.

    With respect to the missing links in the plot, I think we can assume they would have been resolved by the time this was aired. Also, JMS has a habit of not telling actors more than they needed to know about theirs and other characers’ fates. So, I doubt Peter Woodward would have known whether or not Gideon was going to be shot and/or killed. I’m sure this could have been written-around if needed.

    Finally, what is it with JMS shooting key characters at the end of season 1. Garibaldi… Gideon… ? If anyone ever player a JMS character with the surname G… wear a body armour.

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