Babylon 5 Comics, Novels and Goodies

For upcoming discussions once we’ve finished with Crusade and Legend of the Rangers, we’ll be talking about the comics first, then some of the specialty books, followed by the novels.

This is mostly to give as many people as possible the time needed to read up on whichever books they’d like to follow along with, as well as letting the people who are joining us for some of the discussions have some refresher time.

Neil from Bowie has volunteered to jump into the fray for the comics discussions and the Collector Card Game talks, Edmund is on deck to for the Psi Corps trilogy discussion, and I think Gary pretty much wants to talk about everything.

If there are any other folks who want to contribute to the discussions for any of the other books, or the Centauri Prime or Technomage trilogies, or any of the other B5 related games and goodies, just leave a comment here or send us an email!

DC Comics, 11 issue series (1994-95)
DC Comics, “In Valen’s Name” 3 issue miniseries (1998)
Babylon 5: The Lost Tales mini-comic (2007)

Babylon 5: The Price of Peace GN (DC) (contains issues 1-4 and 11)
Babylon 5 GN (Titan) (contains issues 1-4)
Babylon 5: Shadows Past and Present GN (Titan) (contains issues 5-8)
Babylon 5: In Valen’s Name GN (Titan) (contains miniseries)

Short Stories
There are four short stories written by JMS, but there are SIX short stories total (thank you for that confirmation, ISN Anchor Desk):

Amazing Stories #597 — “Shadow of His Thoughts” by JMS
Amazing Stories #599 — “Genius Loci” by JMS
Amazing Stories #602 — “Space, Time, and the Incurable Romantic” by JMS
Official B5 Magazine #22 — “Hidden Agendas” by JMS
Official B5 Magazine #23 — “True Seeker” by Fiona Avery
Official B5 Magazine #24 — “The Nautilus Coil” by J. Gregory Keyes

The rest of the novels and guide books can be found here:


  1. I wouldn’t mind helping out with the short stories (I have 3… was there a fourth? I can’t remember) or potentially the novel trilogies (although I may not have time to reread them prior), but the biggest issue is that your recording time tends to be Thursday morning for me, which means I’m at work.

    Oh well. I’ll just enjoy listening to others do the discussion and I can send my comments in via feedback.

  2. Gary The Great says

    I would be glad to help out with the Comics discussion, as well as share what I know and have collected as far as goodies. Let me know when you are planning to record so I can be prepped and ready.

  3. As I’ve read it fairly recently, I’d be willing (if the timing works out) to do To Dream in The City of Sorrows.

  4. I’ve added some links to specifics about the comics and short stories and novels, to give folks a clearer timeline of the path we’re most likely to follow.

    We haven’t really figured out yet what order to talk about the guidebooks in… maybe it’s better to hold those off for last, since many of those are harder to find than some of the others.

  5. Is it possible to get/buy the Short Stories?

    Or any of the comics?
    I have some of the comics, but not all.

    • other than buying the magazines, I don’t think so. To date, those short stories have not been collected anywhere, although I know a lot of people were hoping they’d end up in the script books.

      I did buy the two issues of Amazing Stories that I’d missed on eBay, many years ago. The others I got while picking up the issues off the newsstands.

      From what I’ve seen on, the graphic novel compilations of some of the comics are available, but some are priced at a premium. Links for the GNs have been added to the post, but I also saw some individual issues there for a few bucks each as well.

  6. I could come in with the novels as well as the Babylon 5 CCG. I have the exact opposite reaction to the Technomage trilogy than most people. I also have no problem talking about the Centauri trilogy.

  7. I’ll have to dig the comics out of cold storage. I’ve got all of them.

  8. Centauri_Ranger says

    I sent you an email a month or two ago offering to discuss the in Valen’s Name comics and Time Space and the Incurable Romantic. I would still happily do those. ALSO, I have been trying unsuccessfully for a year now to find a copy of the Centauri Trilogy and would GLADLY take over for all three if someone would be willing to let me borrow theirs, or purchase it from them.

  9. David from Memphis says

    I have the comics and the novels (the trilogies and books 7 and 9 of the original run) and would like to help out if possible, though I work on Wednesday nights.

  10. Centauri_Ranger says

    OH right, also on that list was To Dream in the City of Sorrows. I love that one!

  11. beavinator says

    I have a guidebook in my collection that isn’t listed on your merch page. It’s unauthorized and incomplete, but I thought you might be interested for the sake of completeness.

    Title: The Babylon File (rendered with the Psi Corps “psi” as the Y in Babylon)
    Subtitle: The Definitive Unauthorised Guide to J. Michael Straczynski’s TV Series Babylon 5
    Author: Andy Lane
    First published in Great Britain in 1997 by Virgin Publishing Ltd, reprinted 1997 (twice)

    The book opens with the author’s personal summary of his ideas on what the series is all about. He then delves in episode by episode, giving synopses, info about each one’s place in the overall story arc, a few background tidbits, things to watch for, various references within and outside the show, and the author’s personal observations. As evidenced by the publication date, the subtitle is woefully misleading. The book covers seasons 1-3 and the first few episodes of season 4, with speculations about the coming episodes and the uncertain future of renewal for a fifth season. It closes with brief coverage of the novels and comics that had been published as of writing.

    Here’s the Amazon link:

    If you want any more info about this book, just let me know.

    • A long time ago I’d actually chosen to leave that one out, because it was incomplete, and I thought it was self-pub/vanity. Guess I was wrong about that second part ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’ve seen as many as 9 copies sitting in a local used bookstore, and this is where other B5 materials literally fly off the shelves, even the numbered novels. I flipped through a copy once, while deciding whether or not to get it, and decided against. For me, personally, because it’s misleading, and in no way definitive, it’s not something I’d encourage anyone save the most diehard completists to obtain. It was published before the series ended… how much farther off the mark can you get?

      That Crusade guidebook falls into the same category, except I’ve never seen that one in any used bookstore.

  12. StormKnight says

    I’m in for to Dream in the City of Sorrows, a personal favorite of mine. Just give me a time.

  13. Gary The Great says

    Andy Lane put out the second edition of The Babylon File as well. I believe that was the edition with the intro by Jeffrey.

  14. There wasn’t a second edition for THE BABYLON FILE. There was THE BABYLON FILE Volume 2, which covered season five, the TNT movies and CRUSADE. It had an introduction by Jeffrey and an afterword by Pat. The overall tone of the tome was rather vicious and the whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth. It wasn’t so much a critique as an attack.

    • Gary The Great says

      Thanks for that clarification Jason.

      I agree there was a bitter tone throughout that book, and little unique information can be gathered from it.

  15. Actually, turns out I do have the four short stories written by JMS, photocopied from those magazines all those many years ago.

    I’m willing to throw my hat in the ring to discuss them, although the show schedule may not necessarily suit me due to work [once I know the date, I may be able to arrange something].

  16. Nan Benedict says

    I have 2 Entertainment Utility CD-Roms that I’ll donate to the podcast, if someone will tell me where to send them.

  17. I wonder if it would be worth it to set up a Babylon 5 goodies trading post.

    To create a place where casual and hardcore collectors can find what they’re looking peacefully. A website store, a home away from home for book geeks, toy specialists, comics collectors, and gamers.

    Wrapped in two million, five hundred thousand spinning ones and zeros… all alone in one corner of the Internet.

    I really should stop now…. ๐Ÿ™‚

    But I wonder if a B5 specialty “shop” would work, a place where people could donate or trade or sell their stuff cheap because they want to get rid of it but also get it to another B5 collector, mostly because the stuff wouldn’t bring top auction dollar.

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