Babylon Podcast #259: Legend of the Rangers (movie)

Welcome to Show #259!

Tim brings up one of JMS’ new projects, the announcement of DC Comics’ new “Before Watchmen” miniseries, and Alan Moore’s rather disapproving reaction to it.

Deep Geeking: Tim, Summer and Jeremy discuss the last Babylon 5 made-for-TV movie, Legend of the Rangers, which aired in January 2002. Yes, ten years ago, people. A treatment for this movie exists in Scriptbook Volume 10, and the full script is in the TV Movies scriptbook, so compare and contrast at your leisure.

Let the nitpicking begin: there aren’t many real issues with the actual story, just some execution miscues. The main sticking points for Summer are the weapons systems design and implementation; Tim’s main sticking point was that Sarah had to leave the bridge to get to the weapons systems operations center, that she was the only one controlling the entire weapons system, and what if she gets exhausted during an extended battle;

And yes, even after all this time, Summer still wants to do some digging to see if there are any detailed breakdowns of the ratings that night it aired.

Also, folks preparing to review and discuss the comics and novels with us (or for us), get ready… your turn will be coming up soon!

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  1. There is a difference between League which has past copyright characters and Alan getting promised the Watchman copyright by DC. That is what Alan is complaining about. Yeah, people will buy it, but it will be a one trick pony no matter who writes much like the new 52 which is losing people on a minute basis. JMS work on DC has been good to god awful. Sorta like Rangers, good idea, but terrible execution and a rather poor script.

  2. I suspect Gary or somebody will have voicemailed this in, but “ramming speed” was covered in newsgroup discussions by JMS himself for “A call to arms”. From the Lurker’s guide:

    – What’s “ramming speed?”
    Ramming Speed.
    If you are approaching a target at speed X, you still have a chance to peel away at the last moment. If you are approaching a target at the top speed your engines can provide, such that you cannot turn away or be deflected, that’s speed Y. Speed Y is ramming speed.

    – “Seems an odd order. Why not maximum speed or full speed ahead? Does EF rules provide for ramming of other starships?”
    Because it also implies “…and we’re going to HIT that ship.” Ramming speed says both. You could say, “Give me maximum speed, set a course to RAM the ship,” or you could say “Ramming speed.” Same exact content, shorter terms. Brevity is our friend. Pedantry is not.

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