The AV Club Reviews “Babylon 5”

Earlier this month, The AV Club’s Rowan Kaiser began a rewatch and review of Babylon 5, beginning with the pilot episode, “The Gathering”. His comments led to us having a discussion about Stewart Copeland’s original score, and from there we continue to have more fun talking about one of our all-time favorite shows.

We likely won’t ever agree on which of the bad ones is worse, “Infection” or “TKO”, but sometimes the discussion is more fun than figuring out who’s opinion has more merit!

I also look forward to seeing if Rowan delves as deeply into the Zima mystery as we did (or gets just as silly with it).

So far he’s reviewed:

The Gathering
Midnight on the Firing Line / Soul Hunter
Born to the Purple / Infection
Parliament of Dreams / Mind War

Follow along, leave comments, agree or disagree with his episode grading, green or purple, you know the drill.

Link: The AV Club: Babylon 5