Schedule: Talking about the Books

Here is the updated podcast schedule for covering the B5 books, and the guests who have volunteered to join us (or lead us) in those discussions:

July 18 – Parliament of Dreams (Gary in JAX)
July 25 – Non-canon novels (#1-6, 8) (Sayomara Vesper)
August 1 – To Dream in the City of Sorrows (#9) (Laura Martos, John in Jersey)
August 8 – The Shadow Within (#7) (Edmund Boys)
August 22 – Fall of Centauri Prime trilogy (Will Frank, Joe Carfley)
August 29 – Passing of the Technomages trilogy (Laura Martos)
September 5 – Psi Corps trilogy (Edmund Boys)
September 12 – Short Stories (Neil Ottenstein)
September 19 – Collectables (Alex, Neil)

If any corrections or additions need to be made to the list, now’s the time to let us know… just email all of us, or leave comment here.

And be sure to do your homework, kids!


  1. Put me down as a maybe for …City of Sorrows. I just recently read it, but I don’t know if I’ll be settled in at my new place by then.

  2. StormKnight says

    Dammit! I am on ICU 8pm to 10am the week of the city of sorrows. >.<

    I am depressed πŸ™

  3. Technically, we could swap nights between City of Sorrows and Shadow Within, since that would put them back in their proper numerical order πŸ™‚

    We just need to ask Edmund if he’s okay with swapping nights…

  4. I’ll be house sitting for my Aunt Wendy on either day scheduled for City of Sorrows recording, and she has internet, and no pawn shop would buy my old USB mic, so, I can still join in, if that’s cool. πŸ™‚

  5. Lee-Mark says

    Just checking to see if the podcast schedule has been set in stone. I am a huge fan of the Fall of Centauri Prime Trilogy and the Passing of the Technomages. Any chance I might be able to join in?