Babylon Podcast #271: The Shadow Within

Welcome to Show #271!

This week, Edmund from Greenville (and from “Voices of Babylon”) … joins Tim, Summer and Jeremy this week.

Tim geeks out a little (okay, a lot) over the landing of Curiosity Rover on Mars, and we all make jokes about how long it’ll be before one of these robots stumble across the secret Psi Corps base.

Deep Geeking: The Shadow Within is Book #7 in the original series of novels, and the other of the two from that series that have been acknowledged as canon.

The book tells the story about Anna Sheridan’s trip to the planet we’d come to know as Z’Ha’Dum, and learning what happens with her and with Morden during their expedition there, mixed with stories about Sheridan taking command of the Agammemnon, and the need to intercept a mission to bomb the Babylon 5 station.

Talk about this book delves deeply into Anna’s story, and into the character and motivations of Morden, of the Psi Corps mission to eliminate a threat to the telepaths, and how these events mesh into the main Babylon 5 storyline as a whole.

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  1. Speaking of Mars Curiosity (and the shots from Mars *were* amazing), they do things like this as well:

    And I liked it very much. 😀

  2. I know you, guys, haven’t spoken about the Techno-Mages books, but there is enough of Morden there, too, and there you *also* get a feeling (like Tim said), or rather *I* got it, that perhaps the Shadows had a hand in trapping him all along and *did* manufacture the situation with his family to later on use it to their advantage. For me, this made the character of Morden extremely tragic and then, when I was rewatching the show again–I couldn’t really “hate” him,only feel sadness and pity for him.

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