More on “Pawn of the Dead”

So, some of you may have wondered how a promo for a horror parody webseries ended up playing in an episode of The Babylon Podcast.

Well, the short answer is: Vorlons asked me to.

Some of you may remember the fun interview with Russ Johnson from way back in Show #156, where he regaled us with tales of his time inside the encounter suit before Jeffrey’s.

Well, Russ is the creator, writer and one of the producers of “Pawn of the Dead”, a horror/comedy webseries parodying the pawn shops and stuff reality show frenzy, and it’s the least we can do to help out with his Kickstarter campaign to raise enough funding to finish season 1 of the series.

You can also check out an interview with Russ about “Pawn of the Dead” on Slice of SciFi this week.

Here’s the actual trailer, in all it’s video gory, er, glory: