Babcast Label Brivari

Nigel Blackwood, intrepid reporter for Multiverse News (also featured on Slice of SciFi), has a knack for digging up interesting candid photographs, revealing secret scifi histories that we previously had no knowledge of.

A rare pressing of Babcast Brivari

Take this newly unearthed archive of a Centauri ambassador showing off an extremely rare and previously thought to be completely consumed pressing of Brevari, a rare Babcast Label Brevari Brivari to be exact.

While we don’t know if this bottle survived the evening with the ambassador, it was an archaeological treasure just to discover that it had survived 250 years!

For more photos of rare scifi related artifacts, visit Nigel’s Facebook page. Definitely check out the Photo Gallery for some exciting shots of previoulsy unknown classic rock albums, and one special photo of legendary PI Sam Spade after his recovery of the other lost Maltese Falcon!


  1. Psst…it’s spelled Brivari, not Brevari. Unless Brevari is Brivari’s even rarer super-aged version?

  2. Is it really? I could have sworn I saw it spelled “Brevari” in one of the guides. Could it be spelled differently based on whether it’s pressed on Centauri Prime or on Narn? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Don’t know about that but I did a check of several scripts and it’s always spelled with two Is.

  4. There seem to be a fair number of Google results spelling it “Brevari”, but a lot more spelling it “Brivari”. There are even a few references calling it “Bravari”, which I never would have considered; it’s an implausible spelling just from how Londo pronounces it.

    I just checked the Season guides in a couple places, and it’s “Brivari” in there, too, so we have a winner! Wow, 20 years I’ve been wrong about that spelling… how weird is that?

  5. At any rate, it’s a very cool bottle!

  6. Probably just two different ways of transcribing Centauri-English.

  7. Actually the script on the bottle is in the Narn typeface. I’ve long postulated that Centauri occupied Narn primarily for their brivari decanting skills.

    • There’s a line that was cut from “Midnight on the Firing Line” that suggests the principal reason for the Centauri occupation of the Narn was G’Quan Eth. This is not without precedent, of course. One could argue that British interest in the subcontinent was largely related to tea.

  8. So where would one go to get non-slave bottled Brivari? I am a hippie after all. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. If Nigel Blackwood can’t find one, my guess is that The Jason Davis may know which long-forgotten storage unit might contain a few of the bottles you’re looking for!

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