Babylon Podcast #273: The Centauri Prime Trilogy

Welcome to Show #273!

This week, Joe C and Neil from Bowie join Tim and Jeremy for the Deep Geeking.

Tim pauses for a moment of remembrance for Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the Moon, who passed away on August 25th, and the guys talk about how that affected not just science and space travel, but science fiction storytelling as well.

The guys also talk about the passing of legendary comics artist Joe Kubert, who works includes Sgt Rock, and JMS’ contribution to the Before Watchmen stories.

Deep Geeking: Legions of Fire, The Centauri Prime trilogy written by Peter David, is the topic for this episode, and the crew on hand really digs in.

The books in order are “The Long Night of Centauri Prime”, “Armies of Light and Dark”, and “Out of the Darkness” (the third book is out of print, but not quite as hard to find as it had been in previous years). This was the second of the Babylon 5 trilogies that are considered canon.

Tim feels this is the weakest of the trilogies, while Joe feels it’s stronger than most people give it credit for, and one of the strongest franchise series he’s ever read. Discuss amongst yourselves!

Feedback: Mark Barnhill emailed in response to comments on our comments on a UFO episode, about the premise had been used in a Twilight Zone episode titled “A World of Difference”; and Jeremy updates with the news that JMS will be teaming with Will Smith’s production company to create a pandemic-themed TV series for Starz.

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  1. It’s rainin’ Drakh, Hallelujah!
    It’s rainin’ Drakh, Amen!

    • Dead Drakh keep fallin’ on my head
      But that doesn’t mean Centauri Prime will soon be dead
      Dyin’s not for me, ’cause
      I’m never gonna stop the Drakh by complainin’
      Because I’m free
      There’s no Keeper on me…

    • 10 different kinds of AWESOME!

      Oh Edmund… I think there’s another project on the table with your name on it….

  2. I finally get to do a podcast and it turns into a YMCA song. Unbelievable. Epilogue to the podcast, I forgot to say how much I enjoyed the Delenn/John/David stuff. I thought that was one of the stronger parts of the third book, but I blanked when Tim asked if there was anything else.

  3. Joe – as bad a case of logorrhea as I have, I always think of more stuff after the fact. But I agree that the Sheridan family moments (tossing in Garibaldi as instigator in some instances) were well written.

  4. GreyTawnyOwl says

    Many of you have probably heard this already…but no one seems to have commented. Michael O’Hare, actor of Jeffrey Sinclair passed away this afternoon, according to JMS. Just thought I’d pass it along.

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