Babylon Podcast #274: The Technomage Trilogy

Welcome to Show #274!

This week, Laura from the League of Non-Aligned Knitters and Edmund from Greenville (and from “Voices of Babylon”) … joins Tim, Summer and Jeremy for the Geeking.

James from Tallahassee and Gary from Jacksonville realy Con Reports from Dragon*Con 2012 and the Babylon 5 panels and guests who were there. Gary got to talk with Bruce Boxleitner and Mira Furlan again, as well as attending panels featuring Jerry Doyle and Walter Koenig.

Deep Geeking: The Technomage trilogy, written by Jeanne Cavelos, is subtitled The Passing of the Technomages. The books in the series are “Casting Shadows”, “Summoning Light” and “Invoking Darkness”.

This trilogy tells the story arc of the Technomages from Galen’s time as an initiate, during the slow rise of the Shadows new influence throughout the galaxy, the discovery of the truth behind the links between the Shadows and the technology that gives the technomages their powers, the division amongst the mages on whether they should stay and fight the Shadows or if they should flee, and their involvement in Sheridan’s mission to destroy Z’ha’dum.

Laura, Tim and Edmund delve into the depths of the relationships between the technomages and the galaxy as well as with each other, how well the entire trilogy wove itself into the events we saw in the TV series, as well and changed some perspectives on the actions and motivations of some of the characters.

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Lurker’s Guide 2.0: Summer is expanding the documentation to be covered at Lurker’s Guide 2.0, the major change being converting the episode guide into a full Wiki with cross-referenced topics, tidbits and everything you’d want in a Wiki. She’s also still searching for pictures of rare collectibles, photos of magazine covers and toys, and all sorts of other B5 goodies that didn’t get included in the original guide during the years after Crusade. Let her know if you want to lend a hand.

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  1. Morden’s “hair” (?) always bothered me on the cover of book 1…

  2. Its about one book too many. The third book seems more about fixing the nit picking that was done in the Z’ha’Dum episode than finishing Galen’s story.

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