Babylon Podcast #276: The Short Stories

Welcome to Show #276!

Amazing Stories 597, 599 and 602

Summer makes the awful mistake of reminding the guys that the week this was recorded we were celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day. Boys and Pirates. ‘Nuff said.

Deep Geeking: This episode, Neil and Edmund join Tim, Summer and Jeremy to talk about the 3 short stories from the Amazing Stories magazines: “Shadow of His Thoughts”, “Genius Loci”, and “Space, Time and the Incurable Romantic”, all three of which were written by J. Michael Straczynski.

The conversations then shift to the 3 short stories that appeared in the Official Babylon 5 Magazine, “Hidden Agendas” written by JMS, “True Seeker” by Fiona Avery, and “The Nautilus Coil” by J. Gregory Keyes.

More info, with spoiler-free synopses: ISN Anchor Desk: Babylon 5 Short Stories

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  1. Hey, the iTunes Canada store says the Babylon 5 podcast have exceeded it’s server bandwidth limit as of 3:52 AM EST on October 27th.

  2. These sound like some really interesting short stories.
    Now to find a copy of some to read… πŸ™‚

  3. So in other words, Marcus went “Screw it, I’ll just build my own Ivanova. With blackjack! And hookers!” πŸ˜‰ #ilovefuturama

  4. Since I only came to the show a few years ago, I was overjoyed when I learned there was a Marcus/Susan story in existence! I loved both these characters individually. And while I’m not a shipper, their story together broke my heart. When I heard about it, I was desperate to find it so I could learn what finally happened to these people that I had come to love so dearly. Because of that, my first impression was a lot more positive. I think I was just happy to see them happy, even in this odd, not-quite-right way.

    But upon a second reading and now listening to the discussion. I agree that his actions were ethically dubious at best and downright creepy at worse.

    What I don’t agree with is the common attitude that an adult being a virgin (either by life circumstances or even by choice) is in itself weird or creepy. In fact, that’s one of the reasons I admired the character in the series. Not everyone in the world can find someone to be with. Other people choose it for religious or other reasons. I don’t know why that is considered so bizarre.

    But yes, after gaining distance/perspective from both my first excited discovery of the story and from the show itself, I am left wanting to yell at Marcus, “WHAT were you thinking?! She’d kill you herself if she ever learned what you have done to her!”

    • I don’t recall anyone ever saying that Marcus being a virgin was weird and creepy. It was the whole “I’m going to steal her memories from their revered place in an ancient archive, salvage some of her DNA, use all the money that she left for me to live on and grow a clone of her up to the age she was when I fell in love with her, construct an environment where we can be alone together the rest of our lives, and strand ourselves there under false pretenses” scenario that maybe went a little far.

      Which is why most folks think this was JMS’ way of telling everyone to leave the story alone for good, and be careful what you ask him for next time. πŸ™‚

      And yeah, she just might rip out his entrails if she ever discovered or remembered what really happened.

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