Michael O’Hare: In Memory Still Bright

It is with heavy hearts that we relay jms’ message about the passing of Michael O’Hare (1952-2012)

A message from JMS:

I regret that I must convey the sad news that Michael O’Hare passed away today. He suffered a heart attack on Sunday and was in a coma until his passing this afternoon. This is a terrible loss for all B5 fans and everyone involved with the show wishes to convey their condolences to the O’Hare family. He was an amazing man.

Much like his character Valen, he disappeared from the public eye long ago, but his performances and body of work still speak of a great career.

Below are some links for those who would like more info about his life, or to smile one more time thanks to Mr. O’Hare

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  1. That’s a great shames, another light leaves the B5 universe. Go be among the stars Mr O’Hare, and know u will always be remembered.

  2. Damn. He was and will be missed.

  3. Sad sad news. I hope we will meet in the place where no shadows fall.

  4. Crushing news. Its a shame, he never got to do a Valen show or movie.

  5. An update from Michael’s brother via jms:

    Because I don’t want it to be lost in the flood of messages downstream, I’m reprinting here the note from Mark O’Hare, Michael’s brother, posted via Rita Moran O’Hare’s page.

    “Mikes Brother ‘Mark”: Sorry all I must admit I am not a Facebook user. This was just shown to me. I want all of Mikes friends and fans a like to know that our family very much appreciates and thank you for all the kind thoughts and words. He was not only my brother but a great friend who I will miss terribly. I can tell you he loved life his craft and being on B5 and all those associated with the show from creator, cast, crew and fans. This all happened so fast it is still a blur to us. This past Sunday he had heart attack. The hospital did every thing they could to save him. Unfortunately it took some 50 minutes to revive him. Though we knew this to be a very long time and feared the worse. We still hoped and prayed that just maybe he could some how pull through. But in the end it just was not to be. It is just so sad the way it turned out. He just never came out of a coma and when he was declared in vegetative state with no more than once percent of brain functions. We the family were just heart broken. We knew mike would never want to go on with this so we entered him in Hospice for a peaceful and painless passing. Mike will now be reunited with his younger brother and sister whom we lost a while back. So we the family is comforted to know he will be with them again. Again thank you. Mike I am sure is smiling down knowing that he was able to touch so many with his craft. God Bless.”

  6. Simon Tarses says

    Another member of the Babylon 5 family’s passed away-rest in peace, Mike.

  7. Very sorry to hear about this. My thoughts go out to his family.

  8. Gary, thank you for posting this.

  9. He’s gone past the rim and will be missed. O’hare was one of the good ones.

  10. Gary The Great says

    Posted from Facebook:

    Hello all, I’m Ben Davidson, Michael O’Hare’s son. Although not by blood, he lived with my mom and I from about age 4 to 12, and he remained my primary father figure ever since. We never liked the phrase “step” son or dad, as we didn’t see any difference. As you may know Michael was a private man, and there’s not much public information on this, but I’m sure Joe will confirm this if anyone cares.

    This was a sudden loss, and the last week has been terribly sad to say the least. I was there with him on Friday as he passed from this earth, and want you to know it was peaceful.

    I’m just getting home now and starting to search a little, and see the reports of his death, but what has struck me this evening is the huge number of fans that are sharing their kind thoughts and memories.

    Michael wasn’t online much, and didn’t really knew how many people continued to enjoy his work, but I’m certain he would have been truly honored. I know that it has been a comfort to me, and I will be sure to convey this to his brother Mark, his parents, and I hope eventually his young daughter Audrey.

    I’d like to thank Joe for his giving people a place to share, and his championing of Michael in the role. B5 was a highlight of Michael’s career and life, and I know he respected Joe and the whole team deeply. I remember being on set all those years ago, and Joe very kindly got me involved with the FX team which I was fascinated with.

    My deepest thanks to all of you, your words have eased my heart, and I take solace in the fact Michael will live on through his work and fans.

  11. Jim Stiles says

    From JMS’s Facebook feed:

    Turhan Bey was a lovely man who played a Centuari emperor and charmed the hell out of everyone in the cast and crew. He shall be missed.


  12. Christopher Dalton says

    I used to watch Babylon 5 when I was in college. And to this day, I have all five seasons, the four movies, The Legend Of the Rangers, and The Lost Tales on DVD. Plus the Psi-Corps book trilogy.

    Michael O’Hare was a really cool actor. He did a great job in playing Jeff Sinclair. He is still sadly missed to this day.

    Thank you, Michael, for your wonderful contributions to the B5 universe and the stage, television, and cinematic arts.

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