Babylon Podcast SE #9: Absent Friends, In Memory Still Bright

In quick succession, the Babylon 5 universe lost two of its stars at the end of September, Michael O’Hare and Turhan Bey.

Michael O’Hare

Turhan Bey

Michael O’Hare, who played Commander Sinclair, suffered a heart attack on September 23rd and fell into a coma, passing away on September 28th after medical treatment had been unable to revive him.

Turhan Bey, who portrayed Emperor Turhan in “The Coming of Shadows” and later played Turval in “Learning Curve”, passed away on September 30 at age 90 in Vienna after a long battle with Parkinson’s disease.

We take a moment to remember them, and their all too brief moments here with us and on Babylon 5.

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  1. A really impressive (though depressingly long) fan site paying tribute to all of the cast and crew who’ve passed away. With thanks to OmahaStar who recently updated it.

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