Planning for Future Babylon 5 fans

So, once we turn out the lights in C&C here, the long term plan is to keep the place shipshape and running as long as possible. It’s not like the Internet has shipping lanes that archival sites can be a danger to!

Once the last show is posted, the feed structure for the shows will change: there will be one single feed, containing all shows going back to Episode 0. That way newcomers can find everything they need or want in one single subscription, whether in iTunes or not, and it keeps the fusion reactors warm for any future special episodes we may churn out.

Getting everything in order for the new feed configuration meant that more than a little cleanup was necessary, to get many of the show posts from previous years to be consistent with newer shows. It also meant removing the season-by-season feeds, but the entire archive will be available in one feed, and every episode will be browsable from the iTunes Store.

It also means I’ll have a little bit more time to dedicate to the Lurkers Guide websites, and the not-yet-built, that I’ve been dabbling with on and off for the past several years, including a major restructuring of the information and how it’s presented, so if anyone want to help collect and archive Babylon 5 info there, especially the tons of articles, updates and news that were never archived by the original Lurkers Guide, just let Summer know.

Also, if anyone has any contact info for John Cook of the now missing website, previously the home to the Sevylon 5 cartoons, feel free to have him contact us… I would be more than happy to provide a mirror home or a new home for those Sevylon 5 strips and get them back online for the die-hard Babylon 5 fans.

Feel free to continue to spread the word about the work we’ve done here, use our promos and banners on your own websites and in your own podcasts.


  1. Going to love every episode available in itunes again. A year or so ago, I had to rebuild my itunes library manually. Caused 5 “Babylon Podcasts” to show up in it. Pain in the butt!

  2. Did I read that right or will all the episodes be available again in iTunes?

  3. Yes, the entire run back to Show #0 will soon be available in a single feed.

    I’d been trying to redirect the separate Season feeds to the main feed, but I ran into some glitches there, so I may just let that part of the project go. Right now, everything back to about Show #180 is in iTunes, and the full feed should be back in there in the next week or so.

    iTunes link:

  4. Since almost everyone in B5 is coming to Phoenix for the Con. Is there a chance you will be Moderator in panels? Just makes sense.

  5. I was wondering the same thing.
    And whether there might be some special edition shows released to the podcast with interviews and such.

  6. We may try to get some interviews onsite, and if we do get them , they’d definitely be coming out as new shows, but I doubt we’d be moderating the panels.

    Everyone’s iTunes feeds should now contain every episode from Show 0 thru Show 280 including all the specials… Enjoy!

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