Peter David Suffers a Stroke

On Sunday December 30th, Peter David announced himself that he had suffered a stroke.

“We were on vacation in Florida when I lost control of the right side of my body. I cannot see properly and I cannot move my right arm or leg. We are currently getting the extent of the damage sorted out and will report as further details become clarified.”

Our thoughts and best wishes for Peter’s recovery go out to him.

Please check Peter’s website for further details:

Peter David has scripted episodes, comics and novels for the Babylon 5 universe.


  1. An Update from Peter David’s website:

    Here is how YOU can Help Peter
    But first the daily Peter David Update: He was able with assistance to get up and sit in a chair where he spent most of the day. He worked with his various physical therapy and occupational therapy personnel on continuing to strengthen his arm and leg. The eye seems to be correcting itself a little but that’s going to be looked at in rehab as to what they can do besides a stylish eye-patch. He also revised an X-Factor script for his editor at Marvel, which I think made him feel good/more normal than he has been feeling.

    Remember the waiting game? Well we MIGHT be moving him to his rehab facility but it is not a done deal because they don’t like some of the markers in various pieces of blood work. It may be an aberration and they are going to test him six ways from Sunday this morning to give us a go or no go on his going to rehab today. We have all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle in place except the Doctor’s OK to go.

    Hard to believe that one week ago all this started.


    Even though we have health insurance we have co-pays and the like. And since this stroke fell at the end of the year, we have all the new co-pays to deal with (I can honestly see those of you who have had to deal with this nodding your heads). And there are things that the insurance company just won’t cover (more head nodding). So we are at the beginning of what is going to be a very expensive year even though we are only 4 days in.

    The most direct way is to buy his books from Crazy 8 Press or from Amazon or Barnes and Noble websites. These are books that he gets the money from directly and the most per book.

    His currently Crazy 8 Books are

    Pulling Up Stakes Part 1
    Pulling Up Stakes Part 2 (Brand new)
    This is one novel broken into two pieces. This is the cover blurb
    Sick of vampire books? Movies? TV shows? Yeah. So are we. Sick of the entire unlife of vampires? Yeah. So is Vince Hammond. Unfortunately, Vince is in it up to his (wait for it) neck. Because Vince is a young vampire hunter who lives with his vampire hunter mother in an entire community of vampire hunters, who in turn are part of a cult of vampire hunters going back all the way to the French Revolution, which many believe to be an uprising of the poor against the rich but was actually a massive purging of vampires from the French nobility (hence the guillotine)

    The Camelot Papers
    A powerful ruler who’s considered by many to be simple-minded and vacuous and has serious father issues. A no-nonsense, polarizing woman who favors pants suits and pursues dubious agendas involving social needs. A remarkably magnetic leader of men with a reputation as a skirt-chaser. A scheming, manipulative adviser who is constantly trying to control public perceptions. A man seen as the next, great hope for the people, except there are disputes over his background and many contend he’s not what he appears to be.
    George W? Hillary and Bill? Karl Rove? Obama?
    Try Arthur Pendragon, Guinevere, Lancelot, Merlin, and Galahad.
    Whatever you think of the state of today’s politics, The Camelot Papers shows you just how little matters have changed in the past thousand years or so. The Camelot Papers presents a fresh perspective on Arthurian legend by using modern day sensibility and combining it with a classic tale to bring a new insight into iconic characters.

    The Hidden Earth Saga of which there are two published and the third is in the works.

    Darkness of the Light (book 1 of the Hidden Earth saga)
    Height of the Depths (Book 2 of the Hidden Earth saga)

    These are science fiction mixed with mythological creatures and the fate of the Universe hangs in the balance. Big epic sweeping books with those great characters that Peter is famous for writing.

    There are Print on Demand for all these books if you want a paper copy rather than electronic.


    If you already have these or can’t purchase them for whatever reason, you can still help us a lot by getting word out all over the Internet about how they can help Peter. I am asking every blogger and people who have access to an audience to spread the word.

    The more we sell of these books, the easier it will be for us to pay the bills as they start to pour in.

    Buying his other books does help but that is very long term and isn’t much per books but it does help especially the Marvel graphic novels he has written.

    I am talking to Glenn about a donate button or something but we don’t have the details worked out and I really want to get the ball rolling on getting this information out while Peter is fresh in everyone’s mind.

    We do need your help to help him. He is working very hard at getting back to all that he loves to do and we are trying to ease his mind about whatever we can ease his mind about so he can do it faster.

    We are now off to the Hospital to see what the verdict is about his moving today. I will update this when we know what is going on.

    I am grateful to everyone who has helped or is going to help Peter.

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    Written by Kathleen David in: 1 |
    2013 37 I really Don’t Like the Waiting Game
    Since the initial crises has passed and we now have just about everyone in the know (It is interesting reading e-mails from people that Peter has a business relationship with and they don’t know what is going on), we are now in the what is next portion for this saga.

    What is next is in patient rehabilitation. We are working on the where, how, and who and still awaiting the when. And they can’t give us an exact when because a number things have to be in place and Peter’s vitals have to be consistently at a certain level before they will even think of releasing him. Until that happens, we are in a holding pattern.

    Where is going to be dependent on the Insurance company. (You honestly don’t know how many times I have thanked G-d that we have insurance although this is going to be expensive endeavor no matter what kind of insurance one has) The Insurance company is deciding what they are going to pay for. We have two possibilities that both take our insurance. I am waiting to hear what the decision was from that to figure out the next step.

    So we are in the waiting game for now.

    Peter is doing better every day. Yesterday he was able to lift up his right arm by himself and the fingers are coming back a little more every day. He can stand up but still can’t walk and the standing only lasts for so long. His face is even more normal than the day before. And he sat up in a chair for the first time since Saturday which he was very happy about and I was thrilled. The more he can get up, the sooner he gets out and onto the next step of the journey.

    Keep those good thoughts coming. Peter says it is both gratifying and humbling about the number of people who are praying for them and keeping him in their thoughts and he appreciates and is thankful to each and every one of you.

    Caroline has gone into stoic mode and is holding up rather well all things considered.

    My sense of time is shot. I had to look at the computer to see what day it was. Time seems to have expanded and contracted all at the same time.

    I am grateful for progress on so many fronts.
    Kathleen David

  2. Thanks for the updates, Gary. I add my hopes and best wishes for as complete a recovery as possible.

    I just wanted to add what Kathllen David has said about the best, most lucrative ways to help with purchases:

    “The most direct way is to buy his e-books from Crazy 8 Press (via ComicMix) or from Amazon or Barnes and Noble websites. These are books that he gets the money from directly and the most per book.

    ***The quickest and most money is buying the EPub versions from ComicMix, by the way.***

    The more we sell of these books, the easier it will be for us to pay the bills as they start to pour in. All the books are in the sidebar.” (emphasis mine)

    I have ordered, and immediately received, the EPubs through ComixMix, and am getting his X-Factor books via Comixology. Both are very easy processes that can be done from the comfort of your coouch. It’s the very least I can do for someone who has contributed so much enjoyment to our lives.

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