The Babylon 5 Scripts/Books Team announces an end to publishing

For a brief moment in time (8 years actually since the project started) we were given new B5 material to enjoy, argue about and commiserate with. The books became invaluable aides as our discussions went on over the years ( in Tim’s case, on and on…).  The Script Books, Other Voices, the Chronologies and even the latest “Echoes” series gave us answers to things that were either overlooked, changed, omitted or never made it to the page. They enriched our appreciation of the show, both in front of, and behind the camera, as well let us peer glimpses into alternate story lines that never were.

Tim, Summer and I would like to extend our appreciation to Captain Jacyln, Jason, Jan and of course Joe for their hard work on all the books, as well as taking the time to come on our show over the years to share and sometimes tease us with the books contents, and their own opinions of Babylon 5.

Until we meet again Old Friends, be well.


Below is the statement they put out via email and their website this morning:


“Nothing’s the same anymore.”
— Jeffrey Sinclair, “Chrysalis”
It’s true. B5 Books is retiring its catalog. Why? Because, like BABYLON 5, we’ve accomplished everything we set out to do. (And it only took 8 years.)However, there are three exceptions:EXCEPTION #1
The CRUSADE books will remain in production until the WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED? series is finished. A status update on future volumes — with some new news — will appear in our next mailing.
In April, to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of BABYLON 5, we will offer something special that will be available for only one week. It’s so secret that’s all we can say for now.
After the 20th anniversary release, the current website will shut down.When it re-boots, will no longer be part of Cafepress. Some time after this, we will offer our last word on the BABYLON 5 universe (that’s your only hint.) That said, the new site will focus on reference materials for the retired catalog (indexes, tables of contents, etc.)

If you have any questions or concerns email us for a prompt, personal response

In May, just before we shut down the current, we are retiring the ECHOES OF ALL OUR CONVERSATIONS series, forever.

Like all our previous releases, ECHOES will never, ever be offered again. Our concern is that folks who wait until the last minute (our PRO-crastinators) might be out of luck because the Babylon 5 actors have only signed a certain number of books.

If you haven’t started collecting ECHOES or need to complete your set, start now because we could run out.

More next month,
Captain Jaclyn & the B5 Books Team

P.S. If we run out of ECHOES books after you order, Cafepress will send you an out-of-stock notification instead of an order confirmation.


  1. All I can say is….a job well done! I have every volume of the library and found them exhaustively complete!

    I’m hoping the final mystery volume will include these odds and ends

    any JMS notes and outlines for the last three novels of the original run and the Psi Corps Trilogy
    any JMS or Peter David B5 comic book scripts
    All the published short stories
    a single NEW original short story from jms….for the road.
    a final essay from jms about the experience as a whole….B5’s place in genre history, etc. Something relive you can only get with a little distance.

    In any event, THANK YOU to the script books team for the exceptional body of work.


  2. David Reyna says

    Captain Jaclyn explicitly stated at Phoenix Comicon that they are not stopping production , but instead just changing publishers away from Cafe Press. She in fact has big plans to come. BTW, the B5-20 book is fabulous!

  3. Don’t know if y’all saw it but the B5 Reunion is on youtube! I couldn’t stop laughing.

    Part 1 link:

  4. Jhonny / Satai with Punsch says

    The first printing of the B5 coffee table book is sold out, but a new printing is in the works. If you guys are bored nowadays, not having a B5 podcast to do, why not put together an interview with the book-team?

  5. Bored? With Babylon 5? Never! I sat down to watch an episode a few weeks ago to fact check something for LG 2.0, and ended up watching a mini-marathon instead 🙂

    Right now, time and logistics are the challenges. New projects are on the boards, new revenue streams to find to keep this and a couple other old show websites running (I really do want to do more KAMN, but time is the challenge there, too).

    But as we know, there is infinite time, so things may change that allow us the time to do a special episode now and again!

  6. Jhonny / Satai with Punsch says

    Haha, not bored with Babylon 5. Bored without the daily dose of it, I mean.
    A B5 mini-marathon sounds great. I recently watched Coming of Shadows to sooth my B5 cravings. That episode is like a comfy-blanket …

    Well, if you do some new episodes … come to this place, call our name … we will be here. 😉

    That goes for KAMN to of course. One of my all time Podcast favourites.

  7. Huh? What? ……New Episodes?

    Sigh…. false alarm. I’ll be over there, getting drunk with the rest of the aliens until I’m needed.

  8. Jhonny / Satai with Punsch says

    Perhaps a fan meet-up at the Zocalo would be fun. Not at new years though, as we all know that bad things tend to happen at B5 during that time. I wonder why … 😉

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