Original Version of “The Gathering” Now on Amazon

Amazon Instant Video now has the original version of “The Gathering” available for purchase and download for $1.99

Babylon 5 Comes to Phoenix Comicon

Babylon 5 comes to Phoenix Comicon 2013
Let the guest announcements begin!

Phoenix Comicon is proud to begin our guest announcements for 2013 with the creator J. Michael Straczynski and principal cast members of Babylon 5.

Babylon Podcast #280: Farewell, Old Friend

It’s not goodbye, it’s farewell… we’ll meet again, and if we don’t, we will see each other again in the place where no shadows fall.

We’ve always been here, and so have you all.

Jeffrey returns from his explorations along the Rim to join Tim, Summer and Jeremy for the final official episode of The Babylon Podcast.

Poll: Would you like to hear the Babylon Podcast team do episode commentaries?

Since the poll numbers are running very high in favor of us popping up now and again with our own commentary on Babylon 5 episodes, you tell us which ones should be on the list to get the special commentary track treatment.

Planning for Future Babylon 5 fans

So, once we turn out the studio lights here, the long term plan is to keep the place shipshape and running as long as possible. It’s not like the Internet has shipping lanes that archival sites can be a danger to!

Babylon Podcast #279: Feedbackapalooza Finale

Feedbackapalooza: Gary from Jacksonville, quite likely the most prolific feedback producer the Babylon Podcast has ever had, joins us to go through the messages for the last official feedbackapalooza. He may have to replace Babylon Podcast with Kick-Ass Mystic Ninjas on his voicemail speed dial…

Babylon Podcast #278: Penultimate Palooza

Tim relates an article from io9’s Charlie Jane Anders article, Please explain Babylon 5 to us!, and the offer is still out to Charlie if she wants to join us some day for a roundtable Q&A, where we’d do our best to answer her questions, and to keep those responses to under 5 minutes each.

And then, the Feedbackapalooza!

Babylon Podcast SE #10: Jeffrey Willerth Remembers Michael O’Hare

As heard in the previous episode, this is the video Jeffrey Willerth made in honor of the passing of Michael O’Hare.

Babylon Podcast SE #9: Absent Friends, In Memory Still Bright

In quick succession, the Babylon 5 universe lost two of its stars at the end of September, Michael O’Hare and Turhan Bey.

We take a moment to remember them, and their all too brief moments here with us and on Babylon 5.

Babylon Podcast #277: Babylon 5 Collectibles

Discussion: Oh, the humanity! Even with Warner Bros being inconsistent with licensing terms, pulling licenses before items were completed or in some cases, had even gotten off the drawing boards, there’s still a LOT of stuff out there for a dedicated Babylon 5 fan to search for and immerse themselves in.

Babylon Podcast #276: The Short Stories

Deep Geeking: This episode, Neil and Edmund join Tim, Summer and Jeremy to talk about the 3 short stories from the Amazing Stories magazines: “Shadow of His Thoughts”, “Genius Loci”, and “Space, Time and the Incurable Romantic”, all three of which were written by J. Michael Straczynski.

The conversations then shift to the 3 short stories that appeared in the Official Babylon 5 Magazine, “Hidden Agendas” written by JMS, “True Seeker” by Fiona Avery, and “The Nautilus Coil” by J. Gregory Keyes.

More info, with spoiler-free synopses: ISN Anchor Desk: Babylon 5 Short Stories

Babylon Podcast #275: The Psi Corps Trilogy

Deep Geeking: This week, Tim, Jeremy and Agent 6 go in-depth discussing The Psi Corps trilogy, written by J. Gregory Keyes. The books in the series are “Dark Genesis: The Birth of the Psi Corps”, “Deadly Relations: Bester Ascendant” and “Final Reckoning: The Fate of Bester”.

This trilogy tells the story of the sudden appearance of human telepaths on Earth, and political and societal events leading up to the creation of Psi Corps, then the story arc telling the rise of Alfred Bester through the Corps, and what happened to both in the aftermath of the Telepath War.