A Great Voice has left us

It was mentioned in comments, but does deserve more of a tribute than a mention. Andreas Katsulas, the actor who brought G’Kar to life through both deliberate actions and memorable words, died from lung cancer on the morning of February 13. His performance as G’Kar was nuanced and masterful, as we saw that character grow […]

So, what do you want to hear?

Okay, here’s the deal. Jeffrey Willerth is in Phoenix for a couple of days, and he and I, along with Michael and Lorrie Mennenga, recorded what could be another Babylon Podcast episode. Key phrase: “could be”. It started out as a discussion/chat session, but since there was a bit of beer and tequila involved, the […]

Babylon Podcast #2: Interview with Stephen Furst

Interview: Stephen Furst (“Vir Cotto”)

Stephen talks to us about his days acting on and directing for Babylon 5, and discusses some of his other projects for television.

Tim, Summer and Jeffrey talk about their favorite B5 seasons, and touch on the themes and how they impacted the way we viewed them.

Babylon Podcast: Show #1

Call this a slightly longer intro show, where the three of us tell you a little bit about ourselves. Tim and I get into some of the reasons why Babylon 5 drew us in and kept us hooked, while Jeffrey tells us about some of the guests you can expect to hear us chatting with in future shows.

Other ways to give us feedback

The Babylon Podcast is now listed with Podcast Pickle. If you continue to like what you hear from us, be sure to hop over there and rate our show. Thank you so much for wanting this podcast. Knowing that so many old and new fans of the show were interested in hearing some dedicated B5 […]

Why are you here?

It’s warm up time, for you as well as for us. One discussion we want to get going and keep going is “Why B5? What was it about B5 that drew you in, and what was it that kept you coming back for more?” Discuss amongst yourselves. We’ve already started talking about it, and you’ll […]

Babylon Podcast: Show #0

Welcome to The Babylon Podcast Intro Show!

Tim Callender, Jeffrey Willerth and Summer Brooks are pleased and proud to jump into this project, and we can’t wait to bring you more discussion, delving deep into the heart and soul of a show that touched us all.

The name of the place: Babylon 5

There’s a reason we’re here, now. It’s all because of a television show. That show awoke us to the possibility that scifi television could be more that we’d experienced prior to that time. It became a shining beacon for a different style of storytelling; a style that appealed to fans of story and imagination, and […]