Claudia Christian interview on “Secrets of the Red Carpet”

On Saturday, October 6, Claudia Christian will appear on Secrets of the Red Carpet. This is a weekly live
show hosted by Luke Reichle (fashion expert and ABC’s “Castle” designer) that focuses on “style from the inside out” and features various fashion segments, a weekly guest, etc.

Neil Armstrong, astronaut, dies at age 82

It is with great sadness that the Babylon Podcast shares the news of Neil Armstrong’s passing on Saturday, August 25, 2012. A good, brief write-up about Neil can be found at Spaceflight Now.

We haven’t disappeared with the First Ones!

We have a big backlog of recorded episodes that Summer is editing. Thanks for your patience as we work through all this.

io9 – Top 10 best SF smack talk

Recently, io9 (they come from the future) ran a top ten list of all-time best space battle smack talk. Number one of course was from “Wrath of Kahn”. Number 2, however, was Ivanova’s “God sent me” speech.

Family of Jeff Conaway decides to terminate life support

We are saddened that Jeff’s battles with his personal demons overwhelmed a talented actor. Of course, all the reports mention Grease and Taxi. We will remember him for his portrayal of an average workaday man caught up in the wave of history.

Jesus Salvador Treviño shares his life story, dispenses advice to Victoria community

Official Contributor Gary in Jacksonville passes on an article about Jesus Trevino: “With more than 40 years in the film and television business, Trevino, who declined to give his exact age, has worked on a number of award-winning television shows and feature films. But the road to the big screen was neither easy nor one […]

Look over there! Is that…

Neil in Bowie sends this link to a website that lists all Ranger sightings in the second and third seasons. The Ranger Sightings Page states that it “…At present goes from “Matters of Honor” to “Severed Dreams”…” So, it’s safe to say that it may not be an exhaustive compilation. This site may be a […]

Reports of his death are greatly exaggerated

Jerry Doyle recently experienced a serious health crisis. The Babylon Podcast is pleased to say that he is alive and kicking (and taking names). To hear all the details, Jerry himself has posted an audio clip on his website.

Babylon Podcast 2009 Holiday Special #3: The Year in Review

Happy New Year from everyone at The Babylon Podcast!

Sit back and enjoy this walk through the interview highlights of 2009.

Orbiter – your last, best time sink

In the wake of our conversation about the last mission to repair Hubble, John Bucsek sent us a link to Orbiter, a spaceflight simulator. A quick glance at the website reveals an app which realistically models the behavior of spacecraft, from liftoff to rendezvous to return. You can fly the Space Shuttle or the Deltaglider, […]

B5 Mall Tour Photos

On the Babcast forums, KaveDweller (aka Mike) posted a link to photos of his visits to The Babylon 5 Mall Experience. He has photos of various props on display, wall structures, and Jerry Doyle, Tracy Scoggins, and Andreas Katsulas. Go check ’em out! And thanks to Mike for graciously sharing these with the Babcast fans!

Never Surrender Dreams

Neil Ottenstein forwarded this link on to the Babcast. I’ll say no more. Breaking News Let the voicemails come!