We haven’t disappeared with the First Ones!

We have a big backlog of recorded episodes that Summer is editing. Thanks for your patience as we work through all this.

io9 – Top 10 best SF smack talk

Recently, io9 (they come from the future) ran a top ten list of all-time best space battle smack talk. Number one of course was from “Wrath of Kahn”. Number 2, however, was Ivanova’s “God sent me” speech.

JMS Twitter Q&A

Courtesy of Danny, here are some of the questions JMS fielded during his Twitter Q&A session a few weeks ago:

Need more Babylon 5? Tune in…

The crew over at Tuning Into Scifi Television — Kevin, Wendy and Brent — are in the middle of “The Great Babylon 5 Rewatch”, currently in the midst of Season 3, and getting to the roller coaster.

This week, they’re up to “Interludes and Examinations” and “War Without End, Part 1”, if you want to check out their discussions: The Great Babylon 5 Season 3 Watch: Week 8

Forgiveness and “The Path of Sorrows”

Since the question keeps coming up, I realize that I haven’t fully and clearly stated why having the alien entity in “The Path of Sorrows” going around forgiving everyone doesn’t work for me, like I’d promised to.

Hopefully this takes care of that.

Is this the JMS April Surprise?

Kurt spotted this “Captain Power Returns” promo video on YouTube yesterday, including comments by JMS, Marc Scott Zicree, and folks from Urban Archipelago: Related Links: http://www.captainpowerreturns.net http://urbanarchipelago.blogspot.com/2011/04/captain-power-returns.html

Poll: What are your Favorite Lyta Episodes?

Patricia Tallman asked us to ask you, the Babylon Podcast listeners and Babylon 5 fans, one question: What are your favorite Lyta episodes?

Here’s your chance to answer that question for her!

Lennier Scolds Tim on “Day of the Dead”

Lennier has a message for dear Tim (and Bret?) about “Day of the Dead”: Thanks to Tom from Maine for his artistic endeavors. Be sure to check out the other images in his Babylon 5 Action Figures Gallery

Babylon 5 Talk Around the Internet

All this time I had been wondering about the lack of Babylon 5 chatter on Twitter, until about a month ago, when I changed my search filter to use “Babylon 5” instead of “B5” — wow, talk about a major difference! Some days there were as many as 100 mentions!

So why don’t these people know we’re here?

April Announcement by jms

Well, jms was true to his word about an April announcement. This was posted on jms’ facebook page this morning. Whoo hoo! J. Michael Straczynski Appropos of today: I know many have been waiting for the announcement of the Big News promised for April. In terms of planning, I never really sat down and mapped […]

Babylon Podcast: Watching Crusade

As seen in the poll we took, the listeners have spoken, and the order in which we’ll watch and discuss Crusade has been chosen.

Admiral Ackbar, Ole Miss Mascot

As mentioned in Babylon Podcast #213, here’s the ESPN commercial about the Ole Miss students rallying to get Admiral Ackbar for their new mascot: