Tell Us How to Discuss Crusade

We can’t seem to come to a consensus on whether or not to discuss Crusade in the original TNT broadcast order (which is the same order as on the DVD set), or in the JMS preferred story order (which can be found here).

So, you tell us how you’d rather we approach the series discussion and analysis.

Look over there! Is that…

Neil in Bowie sends this link to a website that lists all Ranger sightings in the second and third seasons. The Ranger Sightings Page states that it “…At present goes from “Matters of Honor” to “Severed Dreams”…” So, it’s safe to say that it may not be an exhaustive compilation. This site may be a […]

Reports of his death are greatly exaggerated

Jerry Doyle recently experienced a serious health crisis. The Babylon Podcast is pleased to say that he is alive and kicking (and taking names). To hear all the details, Jerry himself has posted an audio clip on his website.

iTunes Loves Us!

The Babylon Podcast got a little iTunes love this week!

iTunes sent out their “Sci-Fi Spotlight” email on Thursday, and we were featured in the podcast section

Additional Topics of Discussion

The questions were broached in Show #203, so now we officially pose it to our fans and listeners:

What topic or theme from Babylon 5, something that goes beyond being an episode-specific event, do you think should be or needs to be discussed here?

Thank You, Mr. Morden

As mentioned, here’s the gift Starstuff got for us at the recent FedCon in Bonn, Germany, where Ed Wasser was the Master of Ceremonies.

Rating the Podcast

Fellow fans, we want you to rate us. We want your feedback on how we’re doing talking about this show that’s taken over so much of our hearts and minds. Same thing when we ask you to give us a review over at iTunes — show us the love for the work we do!

Babylon 5: An Influential Space Western

So, do you think Babylon 5 counts as a space western or not? I’m not 100% sure because I haven’t fully mulled it over yet, but if you look at everything from “Severed Dreams”through the end of Season 4, I would have to say “yes”.

House of the Rising Cylon

The guys of Sci-Fried finished the BSG parody song Summer wrote, and recorded a kick-ass rendition of the song to boot!

Books for B5 Fans

I came across something interesting today… a Publishers Weekly blurb about a space opera series written by Mike Resnick, published by Pyr (one of my favorite imprints the past few years).

Promoting the Podcast

Here’s something easy all of you out there can do to help raise the visibility of The Babylon Podcast: go submit reviews in both iTunes and on our The Babylon Podcast Catalog Page on the FarPoint Media website.

More B5 Parody Songs

Thanks to keen-eyed Jim Stiles for letting us know of yet another Babylon 5 parody song out there.

A band called Sci-Fried has a B5 parody song, “For Whom The Babylon Tolls”, on their most recent album, “Ramming Speed”, an album chock full of parodies.