And so it begins

Today is the day the long-awaited return to the Babylon 5 Universe is released. To whet your appetite, SciFi Weekly has quickie interviews with Bruce Boxleitner, Tracy Scoggins, and Peter Woodward. Go read, then go and buy your copy of The Lost Tales.

One Small Step

Thirty-eight years ago today, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin set foot on the Moon, the first humans to stand upon an alien world. It’s one of those moments that you can recall where you were and what you were doing. I was six years old. My family (Mom, Dad, and a sister) were traveling cross […]

Eventually spacetime curves back upon itself

Okay, I’m sure nearly everyone has seen these, but finally (!) I’m posting various links to the teasers and trailers and behind-the-scenes shorts, oh my. Most of these links come courtesy of Sandra Bruckner, over at ISN News. The Official Warner Bros. B5 site has a handful of teasers, some of which are quite funny. […]

It has begun…

I’ve opened up the website to allow people to register. So, if you register and are logged in, your comments won’t be held for moderation until I get a chance to come by and approve them. Don’t fight over firsties… y’all already know who snagged that slot.

A View From The Galley

Alert listener David sent this link in to the Babcast. It’s the Uncyclopedia entry for Babylon 5. The responsible parent in me feels compelled to warn you that there are the occasional expletives… but the irresponsible friend in me urges you to visit anyway. It’s fall down funny as well as informative. Now we really […]

Babylon 5 Smart Pop proposal

The folks who listened to this past Wednesday’s live feed already heard me wax passionate on this, but now I’m throwing it out to the wider Babylon Podcast audience, and perhaps even the wider B5 fan base (based on Chris-In-Indy posting my call to the rastb5.moderated newsgroup). BenBella Books is publisher of the wildly popular […]

Original Babylon 5 Pilot sighting confirmed

More than 4 sightings has to be considered confirmed positive identification, right? I want to thank everyone who’s let us know that the version of “The Gathering” that’s available to view for free at AOL’s In2TV is the original cut that aired back in 1993. Since I use Macs, I can’t view them for myself, […]

So, what do you want to hear?

Okay, here’s the deal. Jeffrey Willerth is in Phoenix for a couple of days, and he and I, along with Michael and Lorrie Mennenga, recorded what could be another Babylon Podcast episode. Key phrase: “could be”. It started out as a discussion/chat session, but since there was a bit of beer and tequila involved, the […]

Other ways to give us feedback

The Babylon Podcast is now listed with Podcast Pickle. If you continue to like what you hear from us, be sure to hop over there and rate our show. Thank you so much for wanting this podcast. Knowing that so many old and new fans of the show were interested in hearing some dedicated B5 […]

Why are you here?

It’s warm up time, for you as well as for us. One discussion we want to get going and keep going is “Why B5? What was it about B5 that drew you in, and what was it that kept you coming back for more?” Discuss amongst yourselves. We’ve already started talking about it, and you’ll […]

The name of the place: Babylon 5

There’s a reason we’re here, now. It’s all because of a television show. That show awoke us to the possibility that scifi television could be more that we’d experienced prior to that time. It became a shining beacon for a different style of storytelling; a style that appealed to fans of story and imagination, and […]