TV Movie Script Book

The Babylon 5 Scripts of J. Michael Straczynski: The TV Movies is now on sale for $29.99 through Feb. 5. After Feb. 5, the price will be $39.99

A Crusade episode guide?

My Babylon 5 kung fu is starting to feel weak. I found yet another book I didn’t know about… my self-esteem as a compulsive completist may be starting to waver! The Babylon 5: Crusade Episode Guide. An Unofficial, Independent Guide with Critiques by Sandy Van Densen and Loriann DeGiacomo. Quoting: “This unofficial, independent episode guide […]

But In Purple…I’m Stunning

“But In Purple…I’m Stunning: Quotations from Babylon 5” compiles everyone’s favorite quotes into one comprehensive book. For easy reference, the quotes are broken down by character (who said it, and to whom) and by theme. J. Michael Straczynski has written 8 introductions, one for each themed section in addition to his foreword.

The Parliament of Dreams

Remember that Babylon 5 collection that I’d mentioned on the show? The one published by the Science Fiction Foundation? My search for a copy of it yielded zero hits on eBay at the time, and the handful of copies available on were over $100, which was way more than I wanted to spend. But, interestingly enough, copies of it were available at for less than half of that, including shipping to the US.

The Chronologies of Babylon 5

It’s here! Across Time and Space: The Chronologies of Babylon 5 * For the first time ever available in print and authorized by J. Michael Straczynski * Contains two complete chronologies: Terry Jones’ Babylon 5 Historical Database (parts of which were previously published in the now-defunct Official Babylon 5 magazine) and I. Marc Carlson’s “Time […]

Other Voices, Volume 3

Featuring these 6 scripts • “The Long Dark” by Scott Frost • “Soul Mates” by Peter David • “There All the Honor Lies” Peter David • “Gropos” by Larry DiTillio • “Knives” by Larry DiTillio • “Day of the Dead” by Neil Gaiman All scripts include an introduction/commentary by the writers, written exclusively for these […]

Technomage Trilogy on eBay

Pete in Cincinnati spotted something on eBay: If either of you are still looking for “Summoning Light” by Jeanne Cavelos, you might check ebay. There’s a hardcover version of the whole trilogy up for auction. No bids yet, 99 cent minimum, 3.50 to ship. Ends on May 21st. The Passing of the Techno-Mages by Jeanne […]

It was the last of the JMS Babylon 5 script books…..

Volume 14 is now available for order @ The scripts included are “The Wheel of Fire”, “Objects in Motion”, “Objects at Rest”, and “In The Beginning” You’ll also get a replica of the highlights of J. Michael Straczynski’s Producer’s Notebook for “In the Beginning. Volume 14 is also packed with other goodies, including the […]

More on “My Life with Freaks and Geeks”

From Claudia’s newsletter (via Jim Carr): Claudia Christian’s book, “My Life With Geeks & Freaks” is now available at Amazon. If you don’t already have a copy, you can order from Amazon at this link According to Claudia’s newsletter, “She is working on more writing projects that will be longer next time, and your reviews […]

More B5 Books

For those who are still looking, I found some of the Jane Killick Season-By-Season guides today. I’m adding 1 copy of “S2: The Coming of Shadows”, 2 copies of “S3: Point of No Return”, and 1 copy of “S4: No Surrender, No Retreat” to our “book club”. Price will be $7 each plus shipping. I […]

Claudia Christian releases her memoir

As she mentioned when she appeared on the Babylon Podcast, Claudia Christian has now published her memoir, My Life With Geeks and Freaks. An autographed copy is available from her official website. Unsigned copies can be ordered from Yard Dog Press. It should be a fun read, but I must point out something that bothers […]

Babylon 5 Books

Okay, I’ve added a list of the existing B5 books and their respective links to the Merchandise page. To my amazement, fewer of them are out of print than I’d thought, but it still boggles me that 3rd Centauri Prime book and the 2nd Technomage book are both out of print, while the others […]