Babylon 5 Promos from TNT

I happened to find a handful of the videos that were the TNT promos for Babylon 5. These were probably already available elsewhere on the web, but if it’s new to you, then by all means, Enjoy! “In The Beginning” promos B5 promos

How lucky is Brad?

I love Brad Bowyer, really I do. In addition to being the driving force behind PodCulture, he’s also helped us out a great deal by editing this podcast, and Kick-Ass Mystic Ninjas. He and Christina sent some gifts here to the Draco Vista Studio for Joe when he was sick. He’s also sent me some […]

Maggie Egan update (and Others)

Maggie Egan’s new website is up and running @, thanks to the magical ministrations of our web Wonder Woman, Summer. The site had been inactive since 2002. If any of you out there have old newsletters or other information to fill the gap between then and now, please email them to Summer. Maggie’s not […]

Contest: The Lost Tales Winners

What you’ve all been waiting for… the 5 lucky people who’ve won a copy of “Babylon 5: The Lost Tales”, courtesy of Warner Bros Home Video and The Babylon Podcast: Caitlin Stamper (KY) Thomas Vincent (AZ) Mark Earnshaw (AUS) Mike Hall (KY) Sean Reiser (NY) Y’all enjoy, and many thanks to all who entered!

Comic Con interviews

IGN has posted video interviews from Comic Con with JMS, Bruce and Tracy, and producer Sara Barnes. Tracy reveals she’a a self-proclaimed geek, and Bruce gives us his “spartan” list of favorite movies this year. And, of course, their thoughts on THE LOST TALES and how it felt to return to B5 after almost 10 […]

Contest: The Lost Tales

It’s Babylon Podcast Giveaway time! Warner Brothers has graciously allowed us to hold a giveaway, with copies of “The Lost Tales” as the prize. So, we have 5 copies available for 5 lucky winners. Random drawing, email your entry to contest at These are Region 1, so just be aware. Winners will be chosen […]

In Memory, Still Bright (redux)

JMS and Warner Bros. have taken the opportunity of THE LOST TALES launch to honor the memories of Andreas Katsulas and Richard Biggs. There are memorial reminiscences included on the DVD, in addition to the special comic mentioned below. In that spirit, I wanted to let everyone know about, or remind them of, the very […]

Lost Tales Launch, Comic Con and Beyond

TLT, Lift-off The San Diego Comic Con, held over last weekend, served as the launchpad for THE LOST TALES. There was a Lost Tales panel Friday, with JMS, Bruce Boxleitner, Tracy Scoggins, Peter Woodward, producers Samm Barnes and Doug Netter in attendance. JMS had a solo panel on Saturday, covering the many projects the Great […]

And so it begins

Today is the day the long-awaited return to the Babylon 5 Universe is released. To whet your appetite, SciFi Weekly has quickie interviews with Bruce Boxleitner, Tracy Scoggins, and Peter Woodward. Go read, then go and buy your copy of The Lost Tales.

The Lost Tales: Los Angeles Release Event

Los Angeles Event!! For those lucky B5 fans in the Los Angeles area, on Tuesday July 31 at the Best Buy in West Hollywood, there will be cast members in store, doing a release party and signing. The Best Buy is at 1015 N. La Brea Blvd, West Hollywood CA 10038, and Bruce Boxleitner, Tracy […]

Lost Tales CGI, Part 3

TLT, -1 day The CG Society has released Part 3 of their “Lost Tales” production diary. Page One shows off some familiar ships in their new hi-res glory, plus Sheridan’s new flagship, IA-1. Also, more on the expanded docking bay. Page Two does contain a plot spoiler, as it continues the montage of the New […]

The Lost Tales: Digital Downloads will have “The Lost Tales” available as a digital download on July 31st. Of course, there are some limitations: Usage: Only available for US customers located in the 48 contiguous states, Alaska, Hawaii, and the District of Columbia. You can keep purchased videos on 2 PCs or TiVo DVRs and 2 portable video players […]