The Lost Tales, reviewed

TLT, -7 days We’re a week away from the release of THE LOST TALES, and the reviews are starting to come in. Plot spoilers abound, you’ve been warned. For those who don’t want to be spoiled, the reviews are mainly favorable, with a few minor quibbles. Has the preview copy arrived at Draco Vista Studios? […]

SFF Audio Campaign: Free Apocalypse Al

If you haven’t been visiting SFF Audio, then you’ve been missing all of the latest news and reviews in SF audio, be they audio books or podcasts. It’s definitely a must-see site for me. Jesse Willis has informed us of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s choice to not air the radio drama “The Adventures of Apocalypse […]

One Small Step

Thirty-eight years ago today, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin set foot on the Moon, the first humans to stand upon an alien world. It’s one of those moments that you can recall where you were and what you were doing. I was six years old. My family (Mom, Dad, and a sister) were traveling cross […]

The Babylon Podcast- nominated for four Parsec Awards

Okay, it’s been an exciting year, what with the impending release of The Lost Tales. But this news ups the excitement: The Babylon Podcast has been nominated for four Parsec Awards! We’ve been submitted in the following categories: Best Audio Production Best Fan Podcast Best (Speculative Fiction) News Podcast Best “Infotainment” Cast Now we need […]

Lost Tales CGI, Part 2

The CG Society has published the second article in their behind-the-scenes production diary for THE LOST TALES, now just 12 days away. Part One features interviews with JMS and Tim Earls (our guest for Show 60), along with shots of the cast and crew at work in front of the green screen. Part Two showcases […]

JMS speaks! (and don’t forget Franke)

It’s 12 minutes of teasers for “Lost Tales”, how B5 changed TV, JMS’ favorite sci-fi shows, both US and British, and much more.

Happy birthday, JMS!

Today is the Great Maker’s birthday. Respect for my elders prevents me from revealing his age (if you just have to know, you can find out here.) Why not celebrate by watching some of his work?

Eventually spacetime curves back upon itself

Okay, I’m sure nearly everyone has seen these, but finally (!) I’m posting various links to the teasers and trailers and behind-the-scenes shorts, oh my. Most of these links come courtesy of Sandra Bruckner, over at ISN News. The Official Warner Bros. B5 site has a handful of teasers, some of which are quite funny. […]

B5 Alumnus Sighting

Here’s some news from Maggie Egan: Hi everybody, Please tune in on Friday, July 6, 2007 to “Standoff” on Fox at 9pm. I’m guest starring as Lauraine Reiker, who, along with my “husband,” played by John Billingsley fom ABC’s “The Nine,” is kidnapped and held hostage. I hope you enjoy the show. It was a […]

It has begun…

I’ve opened up the website to allow people to register. So, if you register and are logged in, your comments won’t be held for moderation until I get a chance to come by and approve them. Don’t fight over firsties… y’all already know who snagged that slot.

Serialized Babylon 5 fancasts

Since there’s not going to be a live feed on July 4th, and we neglected to address an email that we wanted to chat about. Mitch wrote in: Can we please have one single podcast that’s free of Jarsto and Edmund? They’ve taken over and this “captain jarsto” and “operative 6” thing is getting ridiculous. […]

More B5 Books

For those who are still looking, I found some of the Jane Killick Season-By-Season guides today. I’m adding 1 copy of “S2: The Coming of Shadows”, 2 copies of “S3: Point of No Return”, and 1 copy of “S4: No Surrender, No Retreat” to our “book club”. Price will be $7 each plus shipping. I […]