Assimilation 2007

There’s a new con in Orlando this fall. From the press release: ASSIMILATION, Florida’s Newest Science Fiction Experience, has announced their 2007 guest lineup! Assimilation has announced the guest lineup for its 2007 science fiction experience in Orlando, Florida. The event will be held at the Radisson Worldgate Resort on, September 29th and 30th (Saturday […]

Claudia Christian releases her memoir

As she mentioned when she appeared on the Babylon Podcast, Claudia Christian has now published her memoir, My Life With Geeks and Freaks. An autographed copy is available from her official website. Unsigned copies can be ordered from Yard Dog Press. It should be a fun read, but I must point out something that bothers […]

Babylon Podcast Swag

As some of you may have heard during this week’s live feed, FarPoint Media Entertainment has swag available for Slice of SciFi, Wingin’ It, and FarPoint Media, and we’d like to know if you want to see Babylon Podcast Swag. PodcastJunk is the site with the swag, and we can easily put up polo shirts, […]

The Lost Tales available for preorder!

Like waves of protest from the League of Nonaligned Worlds over the extradition of Deathwalker, the emails have been pouring in about this news: Babylon 5: The Lost Tales is available for preorder on Amazon!… it’s already in the Top Ten selling DVD’s on Amazon.

Babylon 5 Books

Okay, I’ve added a list of the existing B5 books and their respective links to the Merchandise page. To my amazement, fewer of them are out of print than I’d thought, but it still boggles me that 3rd Centauri Prime book and the 2nd Technomage book are both out of print, while the others […]

Babylon 5 on iTunes

All 5 seasons of Babylon 5 are now available through iTunes! It looks like they may have just added seasons 4 and 5 at the same time, according to the ad in my email… and that is a good thing.

Declaration of Principles print offer

Okay, first of all, let me apologize for not checking one certain email account on a regular basis. Because this is the spam-infested account that also receives notices from CafePress regarding the Babylon 5 script books. Why am I apologizing for this? Well, apparently those good folks are running a lottery to win one of […]

A View From The Galley

Alert listener David sent this link in to the Babcast. It’s the Uncyclopedia entry for Babylon 5. The responsible parent in me feels compelled to warn you that there are the occasional expletives… but the irresponsible friend in me urges you to visit anyway. It’s fall down funny as well as informative. Now we really […]

Stealing links

We’ve received many emails containing links to Lost Tales information. This first one goes to the Babylon 5 Script books website, and features blog entries and photos by JMS. This link takes you to the website of the CG Society. The article on their site is great for all you SFX geeks out there, but […]

Scott Sigler’s “Ancestor”: The Print Version

Scott Sigler’s Evil Plan ™ continues to unfold.

He’s passing out the full-length PDF of Ancestor, and wants everyone who wants to get the print version of the book to go to Amazon and order it on April 1st.

Goodies in the News

Thanks to everyone who’s been sending Tim links to all sorts of new B5 tidbits all over the web. Here are just a few, some of which you may have seen at ISN News and other places: Mira Furlan has been confirmed as a guest at Dutch Star Con this year Comic Book Resources: Day […]

TD-0013 Prepares for 2007 MS Walk

He’s from the Empire. He’s here to help. TD-0013, writer and performer of the popular “A Different Point of View” segments and upcoming FarPoint Media distributed show “A Different Point of View: The Podcast” needs your help! The surly Stormtrooper will be donning the armor and full regalia of the Imperial Sandtrooper and walking 6.1 […]