More on “Pawn of the Dead”

So, some of you may have wondered how a promo for a horror parody webseries ended up playing in an episode of The Babylon Podcast.

Well, the short answer is: Vorlons asked me to.

Babylon 5 Tweets Seen Today

Every week is typically very good for Babylon 5 related sayings and arguments on Twitter.

Today, I saw one, from an old friend no less, that had me laughing for hours. Thus, I share.

Schedule: Talking about the Books

Here is the updated podcast schedule for covering the B5 books, and the guests who have volunteered to join us (or lead us) in those discussions:

More on “Conferring on Babylon 5”

So our discussion about the collection “The Parliament of Dreams: Conferring on Babylon 5” was pushed back a week because of Tim’s work commitments. Without Tim’s input, I don’t think the discussion would have been as lively as it could have been, so I made the executive decision to push for one more week.

But the SF Foundation has given us permission to give you all a gift.

What’s Your Favorite Babylon Podcast Quotable?

It’s taken longer than anticipated, but the random Babylon Podcast quotes are back in action (see the top of the sidebar).

Thing is, there isn’t a hearty collection of our one-liners, outtakes and gaffes just yet.

The AV Club Reviews “Babylon 5”

Earlier this month, Rowan Kaiser began a rewatch and review of Babylon 5, beginning with the pilot episode, “The Gathering”. His comments led to us having a discussion about Stewart Copeland’s original score, and from there we continue to have more fun talking about one of our all-time favorite shows.

Babylon Podcast Schedule Update

We’ll be taking the month of June off as a hiatus, but we plan to be back on the live stream recording new shows on Wednesday, July 11 2012.

The Starfury and The Damage Done

As promised, here are some photos of both the starfury and station models, with comparison shots between the normal stand for the station, and the now-mangled stand for the starfury, complete with the gouge in the base, and snapped off starboard side gun.

The Place: Ponyville 5

This is the Ponyville 5 intro parody that was mentioned in the chat room not too too long ago.

Poll: Would You Buy Digital Babylon 5 stories?

Feel free to discuss amongst yourselves, here in comments

Babylon 5 Comics, Novels and Goodies

For upcoming discussions once we’ve finished with Crusade and Legend of the Rangers, we’ll be talking about the comics first, then some of the specialty books, followed by the novels.

We haven’t disappeared with the First Ones!

We have a big backlog of recorded episodes that Summer is editing. Thanks for your patience as we work through all this.