io9 – Top 10 best SF smack talk

Recently, io9 (they come from the future) ran a top ten list of all-time best space battle smack talk. Number one of course was from “Wrath of Kahn”. Number 2, however, was Ivanova’s “God sent me” speech.

JMS Twitter Q&A

Courtesy of Danny, here are some of the questions JMS fielded during his Twitter Q&A session a few weeks ago:

Need more Babylon 5? Tune in…

The crew over at Tuning Into Scifi Television — Kevin, Wendy and Brent — are in the middle of “The Great Babylon 5 Rewatch”, currently in the midst of Season 3, and getting to the roller coaster.

This week, they’re up to “Interludes and Examinations” and “War Without End, Part 1”, if you want to check out their discussions: The Great Babylon 5 Season 3 Watch: Week 8

Walter Koenig Gets a Star

Star Trek news blog Subspace Communique broke the news yesterday that our favorite PsiCop will finally be receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

Family of Jeff Conaway decides to terminate life support

We are saddened that Jeff’s battles with his personal demons overwhelmed a talented actor. Of course, all the reports mention Grease and Taxi. We will remember him for his portrayal of an average workaday man caught up in the wave of history.

Crusade: Other Voices, Vol 2

This release completes the 2-volume CRUSADE: OTHER VOICES series.

If this book weren’t already titled CRUSADE: OTHER VOICES, we could have named it “THE LOST TALES” because this volume includes THREE never-before-published CRUSADE scripts

Forgiveness and “The Path of Sorrows”

Since the question keeps coming up, I realize that I haven’t fully and clearly stated why having the alien entity in “The Path of Sorrows” going around forgiving everyone doesn’t work for me, like I’d promised to.

Hopefully this takes care of that.

Jesus Salvador Treviño shares his life story, dispenses advice to Victoria community

Official Contributor Gary in Jacksonville passes on an article about Jesus Trevino: “With more than 40 years in the film and television business, Trevino, who declined to give his exact age, has worked on a number of award-winning television shows and feature films. But the road to the big screen was neither easy nor one […]

JMS Comments on B5 updates

For those who haven’t seen them all yet, here are the latest comments on recent developments from JMS himself, posted to his Facebook Fan Page

Is this the JMS April Surprise?

Kurt spotted this “Captain Power Returns” promo video on YouTube yesterday, including comments by JMS, Marc Scott Zicree, and folks from Urban Archipelago: Related Links:

Crusade: Other Voices, Vol 1

What can you expect to find inside CRUSADE: OTHER VOICES VOLUME 1?

A brand new CRUSADE adventure in a never-before-seen — or even known about — SECOND SEASON script (What second season? That’s our point!). This script was discovered in 2010, 11 years after it was written.

Oh, did we mentioned that said script was written by Peter Woodward –as in the fabulous British actor who portrayed Galen the techno-mage?

Poll: What are your Favorite Lyta Episodes?

Patricia Tallman asked us to ask you, the Babylon Podcast listeners and Babylon 5 fans, one question: What are your favorite Lyta episodes?

Here’s your chance to answer that question for her!