Babylon Podcast #40: Interview with Claudia Christian

Interview: Claudia Christian is only in the US for a short time, and we are giddy that she joins us for a time!

She talks to us about her fond memories of the show, of the mutual on-set fondling, of working with Bill Mumy for various music projects, and much more.

Babylon Podcast #39: Interview with Peter Jurasik

Interview: Tim, Summer and Jeffrey enjoy a lively chat with Peter Jurasik. Peter regales us with tales of auditioning for the role, of the evolution of the Centauri hair styling, the costuming and more. He also shares his memories of Andreas’ performances as G’Kar, and the in-costume smoke breaks, and the fun he had in seeing Londo’s prosthetic genitalia paraded around the set for comment and feedback.

Babylon Podcast #38: Revelations (Season 2)

Tim and Summer continue the Season 2 episode discussion with “Revelations”, a busy yet important episode, in that many secrets from the first season are brought to light, and the seeds for more secrets are sown.

Babylon Podcast #37: Listener Feedback

Tim, Summer and Jeffrey discuss the bit of news that’s been trickling out about the pre-production status of “Babylon 5: The Lost Tales”, but we may have to wait until November for filming to begin before getting solid info to speculate on and dream about. Also for today, we have another Listener Feedback Extravaganza on tap this week… sit back and enjoy the geeking.

Babylon Podcast #36: Interview with Carrie Dobro

Interview: We talk with Carrie Dobro, best known for her role of Dureena Nafeel on Crusade, but she also portrayed a medic in the third season episode “Exogenesis” alongside Jeffrey and The Snackman.

Babylon Podcast #35: Remembering Johnny Sekka

Jeffrey, Tim and Summer talk with Patricia Tallman and John Radulovic about their memories of acclaimed actor Johnny Sekka, who portrayed Dr Benjamin Kyle in “The Gathering”, and who passed away on September 14th.

Babylon Podcast #34: Points of Departure (Season 2)

Tim and Summer jump full force into discussion about Season 2, and all the changes heralded by the arrival of Captain John Sheridan in “Points of Departure”.

Babylon Podcast #33: Interview with John Copeland, Part 2

Continuing with our talk with John Copeland, we get his impressions on production costs then and now, we find out about his fascination and appreciation of The Flying Tigers and aviator history, and much more.

Babylon Podcast #32: Interview with John Copeland, Part 1

Interview: John Copeland, producer for Babylon 5

After a little bit of Dragon*Con recap discussion, Tim, Summer and Jeffrey have an engaging and entertaining talk with B5 producer John Copeland.

Babylon Podcast #31: Chrysalis (Season 1)

Tim and Summer focus this entire show on the Season 1 finale, “Chrysalis”. Given the many depths in this episode, that much time and more is needed.

Babylon Podcast #30: Listener Feedback

Jeff’s amusement at how we warm up pre-taping leads to the throwing open of the live feed doors. So the question now goes out to the fans: do you want to listen to us live, as we record the shows?

Babylon Podcast #29: The Quality of Mercy (Season 1)

Tim and Summer’s episode discussion this week is about “The Quality of Mercy”.