Babylon Podcast #28: Babylon Squared (Season 1)

Tim and Summer’s episode discussion this week is about “Babylon Squared”.

Babylon Podcast #27: A Voice in the Wilderness (Season 1)

Tim and Summer dive deep into episode discussion again with “A Voice in the Wilderness” parts 1 and 2.

Babylon Podcast #26: Interview with Steve “Snackman” Thorpe

Tim, Summer and Jeff explore the wheels behind the wheels, the true secret success that really kept Babylon 5 running: the food.

Steve “Snackman” Thorpe drops by to tell us all about the food that kept production going.

When you’re hungry, you’re hungry.

Babylon Podcast #25: Eyes / Legacies (Season 1)

Tim and Summer dive deep into episode discussion again with “Eyes” and “Legacies”.

Babylon Podcast #24: Chat with NASA Engineer Louise Kleeba

Jeffrey introduces Tim and Summer to Louise Kleeba, NASA Payload Engineer and super B5 fan. While the show was still on the air, Louise was not only one of the big fans inside NASA, but she also occassionally consulted on the accuracy and physics of movements in space used in the show.

Babylon Podcast #23: Interview with John Vulich, Optic Nerve

Tim, Summer and Jeffrey chat with John Vulich, owner of the special effects house that created all of the B5 aliens we’ve all come to love.

John tells us about creating the show’s new aliens and refining the ones established in the pilot, about working with the prosthetics to make them less invasive for actors, on designing and creating robotic creatures, and much more.

Babylon Podcast #22: TKO / Grail (Season 1)

First up, episode discussion about “TKO”. Tim and Summer struggle to come up with admirable moments and high points in this episode.

Next, Tim and Summer dive into “Grail”, and scratch the surface on some of the subtexts found here.

Babylon Podcast #21: By Any Means Necessary / Signs and Portents (Season 1)

First up, episode discussion about “By Any Means Necessary”. Tim and Summer revel in how well the A and B stories tie in together, and delve into whether or not the B story could have been the better choice for the A story.

Next, Tim, Summer dive into “Signs and Portents”, technically the first of the WHAM episodes.

Babylon Podcast #20: Chat with Sandra Bruckner

Tim and Summer find themselves flying without Jeffrey, and Sandra Bruckner joins them for a chat.

Sandra runs the indepth and informative online resource ISN News: The Zocalo Today, currently keeping Babylon 5 fans updated on where their favorite B5 cast and crew members can be found in current projects.

Babylon Podcast #19: Interview with David Eagle / Survivors (Season 1)

Interview: First up, Tim, Summer and Jeffrey chat with David J. Eagle, director of 13 episodes from Seasons 2-5, including the Hugo Award winning “Severed Dreams”.

Next, Tim and Summer discuss “Survivors”, one of the first set-up episodes that has major repercussions throughout the rest of the series.

Babylon Podcast #18: Interview with Jason Carter, Part 2

Interview: Tim and Summer continue the extended edition of the chat with Jason Carter.

Here in part two, Jason talks about being a convention whore, his time at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, the acting workshops he runs in various parts of the country, and The Pirates of Penzance.

Babylon Podcast #17: Interview with Jason Carter, Part 1 / Believers (Season 1)

Interview: Tim, Summer, and Jeffrey jump into an energetic and entertaining chat with Jason Carter, who brought an extra measure of heart and soul to Babylon 5 with his portrayal of Marcus Cole, the determined but haunted Ranger.

Jason reminisces about how he got to the show, and recounts memories of his good friend, the late Richard Biggs.