Babylon Podcast #16: Interview with Skip Robinson

Interview: Tim, Summer, and Jeffrey talk with Skip Robinson, editor extraordinaire. Skip tells us about his time on Babylon 5, and details his work in putting together the pieces that brought us the cinematic gems we viewed during the series, Crusade and the movies.

Babylon Podcast #15: Interview with Walter Koenig / Deathwalker (Season 1)

Interview: Walter Koenig (“Alfred Bester”) First, Tim, Summer, and Jeffrey talk with Walter Koenig about his time on Babylon 5 and his experiences interacting with the various cast members.

Next, Tim and Summer discuss “Deathwalker”.

Babylon Podcast #14: Scott Devine / And the Sky Full of Stars (Season 1)

Interview: Tim, Summer, and Jeffrey talk with Scott Devine of New Wave Entertainment, the driving force behind producing the Babylon 5 family of DVDs.

Next, Mur Lafferty returns to join Tim and Summer in chatting about “And the Sky Full of Stars”.

Babylon Podcast #13: Mongoose Publishing / The War Prayer (Season 1)

Interview: Tim, Summer, Jeffrey and special guest Mur Lafferty join forces to talk to Matthew Sprange, director of Mongoose Publishing.

Babylon Podcast #12: Mind War (Season 1)

Jeffrey fills in some details on his and Pat Tallman’s trip to Italy to attend DeepCon, and hanging out with Anthony Simcoe (“FarScape”) and Alexander Siddig (“Deep Space 9”).

Next, Tim and Summer chat about “Mind War”, the episode that introduces us to the Psi Cops, and gives us our first long hard look at Earth’s telepaths and the organization designed to control them.

Babylon Podcast #11: Interview with John Iacovelli

Interview: John Iacovelli (Production Designer)

Tim, Summer and Jeffrey chat with the man mostly responsible for the look we all came to know and love about Babylon 5, production designer John Iacovelli.

John tells us in detail what a production designer does, and shares his experiences on Babylon 5 from the pilot through the spinoffs, including memories of last-minute bootstrapping to get things done.

Babylon Podcast #10: Julie Caitlin Brown / The Parliament of Dreams (Season 1)

Interview: Julie Caitlin Brown (“Na’Toth”, “Guinevere Corey”)

First, Tim and Summer chat with the energetic Julie Caitlin Brown, who shares her Babylon 5 experience, including memories of working with Andreas Katsulas, and the emotional strain of having to leave the show because of a bad reaction to the makeup glue. Next, Tim and Summer chat about “Parliament of Dreams”, picking up off a wonderful lead-in from Julie’s first appearance as Na’Toth.

Babylon Podcast #9: Ken Yakkel / Infection (Season 1)

Interview: Ken Yakkel, B5 Crew Dolly Grip (3 seasons)

First, Ken Yakkel joins us, and shares his memories of being on set and framing many of the shots that made Babylon 5 so memorable for fans and viewers.

Next, Tim and Summer chat briefly about “Infection”, wondering how a substandard Star Trek: Next Generation episode made it into the mix.

Babylon Podcast #8: Wayne Alexander / Born to the Purple (Season 1)

Interview: Wayne Alexander (“Sebastian, Lorien, Drakh”)

First, Wayne Alexander kicks back, sharing some wine with Jeffrey, and recounts the differences of the five different roles he played on Babylon 5 and Crusade.

Next, Tim and Summer and Jeff talk about “Born to the Purple”, musing on the plight of Londo in a compromised Centauri intelligence situation.

Babylon Podcast SE #1: Fred McIntyre, AOL In2TV

Babylon Podcast Special Edition #1 is an exclusive update on Babylon 5 and it’s debut on AOL’s In2TV

Jeffrey discusses the launch of In2TV with Fred McIntyre, Vice President of AOL Video, during the festivities for AOL’s busy In2TV launch day.

Babylon Podcast #7: Bruce Boxleitner / Soul Hunter (Season 1)

Interview: Bruce Boxleitner (“Captain John Sheridan”)

Bruce Boxleitner joins us this week to talk about how it was for him to step into a major role in an already established series, plus his recollections of the series, and of dear friends now passed on.

Next, after a tangent into formulaic Vorlon spinoff possibilities, Tim, Summer and Jeffrey talk about “Soul Hunter”. Jeffrey raises concerns as to why there was no Vorlon in this episode.

Babylon Podcast #6: Chat with Jeffrey Willerth

Chat: Jeffrey Willerth (“Kosh”, Associate Producer)

Jeffrey joins Summer, Lorrie and Michael in studio to talk about Babylon 5, being a producer, beer, tequila, and more.