Babylon Podcast #5: Kurt DeFilipps / The Gathering

Interview: Kurt DeFilipps, Assistant Prop Master

Kurt talks with us about his time as a prop wrangler, and the secret recipe behind the Zocalo’s spare drink collector.

Then, Tim and Summer finish up their discussion and the picking of nits of “The Gathering” (Pilot), including playing the opening sequence from the original version of the pilot, with music by Stewart Copeland.

Babylon Podcast #4: Patricia Tallman / The Gathering

Interview: Patricia Tallman (“Lyta Alexander”)

Pat talks with us about a vast array of topics, including adapting to Walter Koenig’s pranks, and her fond memories of the late great Andreas Katsulas.

Then, Tim and Summer begin a long discussion about “The Gathering” (Pilot). One long enough that it has “to be continued”, and we end up with another heartfelt honoring of Andreas’ impact on the show and our hearts.

Babylon Podcast #3: Bear Burge / Midnight on the Firing Line (Season 1)

This week, we talk with Bear Burge, master prop fabricator.

Bear tells us all about creating the small details that that go far in creating the illusions that are essential for a good scifi show, and relates some tales about making some of his favorite props.

Tim and Summer also discuss “Midnight on the Firing Line” (Season 1, Episode 1).

Babylon Podcast #2: Interview with Stephen Furst

Interview: Stephen Furst (“Vir Cotto”)

Stephen talks to us about his days acting on and directing for Babylon 5, and discusses some of his other projects for television.

Tim, Summer and Jeffrey talk about their favorite B5 seasons, and touch on the themes and how they impacted the way we viewed them.

Babylon Podcast: Show #1

Call this a slightly longer intro show, where the three of us tell you a little bit about ourselves. Tim and I get into some of the reasons why Babylon 5 drew us in and kept us hooked, while Jeffrey tells us about some of the guests you can expect to hear us chatting with in future shows.

Babylon Podcast: Show #0

Welcome to The Babylon Podcast Intro Show!

Tim Callender, Jeffrey Willerth and Summer Brooks are pleased and proud to jump into this project, and we can’t wait to bring you more discussion, delving deep into the heart and soul of a show that touched us all.