Babylon Podcast #90: Point of No Return (Season 3)

Deep Geeking: Tim and Summer talk about “Point of No Return”. Following up right where the previous episode left off, the action and intrigue doesn’t stop. Prophetic visions, political and military manuevering, and a rollicking brawl.

Babylon Podcast #89: Messages From Earth (Season 3)

Deep Geeking: Tim and Summer talk about “Messages from Earth”. This is the first episode of the emotional roller-coaster that doesn’t really come to a close until the end of Season 4. THIS is what we love the most.

Babylon Podcast #88: Exogenesis (Season 3)

Deep Geeking: Tim, Summer and Jeffrey talk about “Exogenesis”. Don’t forget, this is the episode where Steve “Snackman” Thorpe, Carrie Dobro and Jeffrey all appear as med techs (we didn’t, and we have a little fun with Jeff about that).

Remembrances: Jeffrey and John Radulovich pay tribute to producer / director Richard Compton, who passed away on August 11.

Babylon Podcast #87: Dust to Dust (Season 3)

Deep Geeking: The Deep Geeking this week features Tim, Summer and in-studio guest Philip from Australia talking about “Dust to Dust”. Yes, Summer got to the studio, and yes, the geeking runs really long. Enjoy!

Babylon Podcast #86: Voices of Authority (Season 3)

Deep Geeking: The Deep Geeking commences again with Tim, Summer and Keith talking about “Voices of Authority”, from Season 3.

Listener Feedback: Voicemails, and emails, and riddles… oh my! Summer misses the Haikus.

Babylon Podcast #85: Feedbackapalooza

Listener Feedback: Lots of it! Emails first, then voicemails. Anyone out there interested in buying any of the last remaining VHS copies of “Babylon Park”?

Babylon Podcast #84: The Lost Tales: Over There

Deep Geeking: Tim and Summer commence the geeking for the second Lost Tales episode, “Over There”, chronologically picking up right after the Keegan MacIntosh interview.

We talk about how smoothly Bruce has slipped back into the character of Sheridan, with a little more age and a lot more leadership experience added to season. This story truly showcases some of the best elements that die-hard Babylon 5 fans truly love.

Babylon Podcast #83: Interview with Keegan Macintosh (Prince Vintari)

Interview: Keegan Macintosh (Prince Vintari) joins the Babylon Podcast crew for an interview, “confesses” to listening to the show, and moves straight on to mastering the accent, how he got cast as Vintari, and what David Bowie had to do with it.

Babylon Podcast #82: Interview with Peter Woodward (Technomage Galen)

Interview: Peter Woodward joins an excited B5 crew to talk about his Babylon 5 experience, which all began with his being late for an audition for “A Call to Arms”, and how Galen’s enigmatic nature just *is*.

Babylon Podcast #81: Feedbackapalooza

Listener Feedback: Mike discusses new B5 swag and props he saw at Dragon*Con; Tim is a recent B5 fan, and has managed to lure his mom into watching the series too; Tim reads an email from Australian contest winner Mark; Steve in MD enjoyed Lost Tales and wants more, but argues about the use of “Colonel” in a ranking system that’s obviously naval based; Mark H comments on Lochley’s comments about leaving the demons behind, thinking that maybe that’s one of the reasons for causing Sol to go nova and destroy Earth in “Deconstruction of Falling Stars”; Neil comments on the argument between Tim and Summer about “Liquid Sky” being a far worse movie than “Armageddon”.

Babylon Podcast #80: Lost Tales Feedbackapalooza

Listener Feedback: “The Lost Tales” seems to have brought out many comments from the listeners, and we address a bunch of them here… and in case it wasn’t apparent: Spoilers are contained herein!

Babylon Podcast #79: The Lost Tales: Over Here, plus Adam Francis and Tim Earls

Interview 1: Adam Francis, production assistant during Season 2, joins us to tell us about how far back his fan interest in Babylon 5 extends, some of the running around he did during his tenure on the show, and more.

Interview 2: Acclaimed conceptual artist Tim Earls rejoins us to give us some of the work he did for “The Lost Tales”, mostly storyboarding for all the scenes and visual effects.