Babylon Podcast #132: Rumors, Bargains and Lies (Season 4)

Deep Geeking: Tim and Summer chat about “Rumors, Bargains and Lies”. Everyone on B5’s playing an angle, but who’s really running the game and who’s being played?

Babylon Podcast #131: Garypalooza

Zombielon 5?

Feedbackapalooza: Or would this week better be called Garypalooza? Either way, the Vorlon is easily amused when listening to phone spam with audio effects applied to the clip.

Babylon Podcast #130: Conflicts of Interest (Season 4)

Deep Geeking: This week, Tim and Summer chat about “Conflicts of Interest”. Tim points out how much more CGI was in this episode than usual, and appreciates how the heightened tensions were played out between characters.

We discuss how much of Garibaldi’s alienation of his friends is likely the result of the programming “enhancing” some of his natural tendencies, and of the machinations that both Sheridan and Delenn must start putting in motion to save their resepective homeworlds.

Babylon Podcast #129: Lines of Communication (Season 4)

Deep Geeking: Tim, Summer and Brad chat about “Lines of Communication”. The funny thing is, Tim has no recollection of seeing this episode ever before. There must be a rogue PsiCop around doing mind wipes, because it’s very very hard to forget the dancing Drakh scene.

We discuss the influence the bombardment of anti-B5 propaganda on Sheridan’s state of mind, the repurposing of the War Room, and the urgent need of Delenn’s intercession on Minbari affairs, which have deteriorated since her dissolution of the Grey Council, and the connections Frankling and Marcus are making on Mars.

Babylon Podcast #128: Racing Mars (Season 4)

Deep Geeking: Tim and Summer talk about “Racing Mars”, delving into the abundant humor playing around the relationship between Franklin and Marcus and their cover story for going to Mars, in Ivanova relieving Sheridan of duty and in trying to make deals with smugglers in the hopes of opening up new supply lines for the station.

Babylon Podcast #127: Atonement (Season 4)

Deep Geeking: This week, Tim and Summer talk about “Atonement”, and we pick nits about the pacing and some aspects of the execution in this episode… notably on why Delenn’s clan waited so long before taking issue with her relationship with John Sheridan, and what exactly is the purpose of the assistant in The Dreaming, anyway? Was Lennier’s guidance colored by his feelings for her, and his subconscious hopes of separating Sheridan and Delenn?

Babylon Podcast #126: The Illusion of Truth (Season 4)

Deep Geeking: This week, Tim and Summer talk about “The Illusion of Truth”, and the impact of propaganda, and how Sheridan’s hopes for getting their side of the story out to the people of Earth and the Earth Alliance by manipulating the ISN crew that comes on board backfire, creating the exact opposite impression that they wanted to make.

Discussion: Mike plays a B5/Gnome mashup that appeared in the Slice of SciFi Voicemail Show… Garden Gnome 5!

Babylon Podcast #125: Epiphanies (Season 4)

Deep Geeking: This week, Tim and Summer talk about “Epiphanies”, a pivotal episode where alliances, plans and perspectives shift for a number of people. Garibaldi leaves his post as security chief, pushing Zack into an unexpected new role; Bester comes to B5 looking for Sheridan’s help in exploring what the Shadows might have left behind on Z’ha’dum; Lyta begins to test the extent of her Vorlon-enhanced powers at Sheridan’s request.

Babylon Podcast #124: Feedbackapalooza Part Deux

Kosh. Rastaman. I got nothin’.

Feedbackapalooza Part Deux!! Chris Lester and C.A. Sizemore are still in on the Feedback Fun.

Babylon Podcast #123: Feedbackapalooza

When the ground shakes, save the big screen TV.

Feedbackapalooza!! Chris Lester and C.A. Sizemore join the voicemail fun fest.

Babylon Podcast #122: Fan Reactions to the JMS Announcement

We talked more about JMS’ announcement, and fielded some more commentary about it.

Beware when the Shadows approach with chicken scissors.

Babylon Podcast #121: Discussing the JMS Announcement

Discussion: We’ve already reposted JMS’ comments on moving forward with more Babylon 5, and the fan reactions are still flying all over the Internet. So Summer, Jeffrey, Gary, Michael and Brad discuss, in great detail and depth, with occassional comment from the chat room.