Babylon Podcast #120: Into the Fire (Season 4)

Deep Geeking: Tim and Summer delve into Deep Geeking on “Into the Fire” the pivotal episode in the confrontation between the younger races and the Shadows and Vorlons. Tim thinks it’s a flawed episode, and so the discussion begins…

Babylon Podcast #119: B5 Fan Rescue Efforts

Interview: Amy Guskin joins us to talk about her efforts to organize a group of B5 fans to acquire an original G’Kar mask and donate it to the Museum of the Moving Image in New York.

And you thought the Browncoats were good at organizing rescue efforts…

Babylon Podcast #118: Interview with The great Luke Ski

Interview: We are pleased this week to talk with The great Luke Ski, creator of the new FuMP hit, “No Sleep ’til Babylon”.

Luke tells us about his being a B5 fan, of creating this song and many many others. Luke also tells us about the fundraising drive to help out Tom Smith.

Babylon Podcast #117: The Long Night (Season 4)

Deep Geeking: Tim and Summer jump into Deep Geeking on “The Long Night”. Tim does not like the title of this episode because for him, it doesn’t reflect or evoke anything significant from the episode for him. What do you think?

Babylon Podcast #116: Feedbackapalooza, Extra Crispy

We have extra feedback to get through, so you know what that means? Feedbackapalooza, part 2!!

Babylon Podcast #115: Feedbackapalooza

Tim, Summer, Jeffrey and Michael are joined by Anna, live in studio (she’s in town for a conference), and she’s just in time to experience Feedbackapalooza!

But first, Summer gets to ask Jeffrey about the production side of detonating Kosh’s helmet in “Falling Towards Apotheosis”, and we learn about the dangers of using too much primacord on a television set.

Babylon Podcast #114: Falling Toward Apotheosis (Season 4)

Deep Geeking: Tim and Summer, with James, discuss the pivotal events in Falling Towards Apotheosis. Taking on the Vorlons is a bold move, even for someone who’s returned from the dead.

Babylon Podcast #113: The Summoning (Season 4)

Deep Geeking: Tim and Summer discuss “The Summoning”. There are many levels summoning going on in this episode, so the title is more apropos than initially apparent.

Babylon Podcast #112: Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi? (Season 4)

Deep Geeking: Tim and Summer contemplate the mysteries and metaphors in “Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?” For a long time… this is a good one.

Babylon Podcast #111: Feedbackapalooza

Listener Feedback: Feedbackapalooza! It’s a word that’s sticking now.

Mick comments on the baseball talk in both Babylon 5 and Star Trek: in B5, baseball is still alive, and in Star Trek the sport is long dead, but in DS9 baseball is back and strong. How’d that happen?

Babylon Podcast #110: The Hour of the Wolf (Season 4)

Deep Geeking: Summer welcomes SciFi Ranter Girl , graphics designer and huge B5 fan Cat Hulberg, and Susie the Southern Geek How to Grow Your Geek to come onboard and Deep Geek on “The Hour of the Wolf”, the Season 4 premiere episode.

Here you have the women in John Sheridan’s life going through various stages of denial, grief and bargaining, in an attempt to find out for sure what happened to him at Z’ha’dum, and by the end of the episode, there’s still no closure in dealing with what happened, nor any new insight into knowing what did happen.

Babylon Podcast #109: Z’ha’dum (Season 3)

Deep Geeking: Call it uber geeking. Mike McCafferty rejoins Tim and Summer to discuss “Z’ha’dum”, the season 3 finale, containing one of the most delicious and exasperating cliffhangers ever visited upon scifi tv fans.