Babylon Podcast #108: Interview with George Johnsen

Interview: This week, George Johnsen, Babylon 5 co-producer (and apparently one of Jeffrey’s cohorts in mischief), at last joins us! We talk to George about the show, including some of the questions sent in by listeners, and the anecdotes and production details are both fascinating and fall-down funny.

Did you know George was also an original Cylon? Summer didn’t, and that just warms her heart.

Babylon Podcast #107: Shadow Dancing (Season 3)

Deep Geeking: “Z minus 7 Days”. After the silliness dies down, Tim and Summer discuss “Shadow Dancing”, the episode that culminates in Sheridan’s and Delenn’s goal to get all of the League Worlds to work together in mutual self-defense against the Shadows. The B-story deals with Franklin dealing with the consequences of his actions and his choices, by literally talking things over with himself. And Jeffrey adds his own perceptions on why the cast (and crew?) were starting to look shaggy and scruffy towards the end of Season 3.

Babylon Podcast #106: Feedbackapalooza

Tim, Jeffrey and Michael geek over some of the latest space flight news, and lament over the lack of space flight and space news coverage on the mainstream news.

Tim also lets us know that March 26 is the both Jesus Treviño’s and Ed Wasser’s birthdays.

Feedbackapalooza: Lots of voicemail and email. We answer and discuss.

Babylon Podcast #105: And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place (Season 3)

Deep Geeking: This week, Tim and Summer discuss “And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place”, and the intrigues undertaken by Londo regarding G’Kar and Lord Refa, a boost in morale from messages from the Resistance on Earth relayed by several visiting religious dignitaries, and Sheridan and Delenn discovered the method behind the madness that the Shadow attacks that have been plaguing the sector for the past few weeks.

Jeffrey adds some background on William Forward’s portrayal of Lord Refa, and the good-natured banter between Mel Winkler and Louis Turenne.

Babylon Podcast #104: Grey 17 is Missing (Season 3)

Deep Geeking: Tim and Summer geek on “Grey 17 is Missing”, and the consensus is that half the episode is amazing, in terms of story, future implications, and charged emotional situations, and the other half is… well, I think even after 10 years we’re still trying to figure that out.

Babylon Podcast #103: Walkabout (Season 3)

Deep Geeking: Edmund joins Tim and Summer for episode geeking this week, covering “Walkabout”, a bridge episode that packs a lot of punch in some areas and that seems to fall off pace in others (in Summer’s opinion, anyway).

We see Dr Franklin, hanging around in Down-Below, searching for something, but not quite sure yet. What he finds for a time could be a reflection of his own situation, or something else entirely.

Babylon Podcast #102: Interview with John Warner, Key Grip

Interview: John Warner, Best Boy and Key Grip on Babylon 5, joins us to talk about his time on set, and making sure everyone’s lit correctly and all the cameras move where they need to, and manipulation of the sets.

So head on down to your nearest production, and if it’s safe to get into the studio, go hug a key grip for all that they do.

Babylon Podcast #101: Feedbackapalooza

Voicemail: Voicemail. Questions. Email. Questions. Some Answers.

Babylon Podcast #100: War Without End (Season 3)

Deep Geeking: We have a Deep Geeking treat for you… a guest geeker!

Mike McCafferty, actor and geek, joins us to share his long pent-up Babylon 5 theories. He believes that “War Without End” is the Grand Retcon of the series, and we all discuss a lot of points from casting to plot adjustments and future Retcon necessities in the series.

Babylon Podcast #99: Interludes and Examinations (Season 3)

Deep Geeking: This week, the geeking goes for “Interludes and Examinations”, and Jeffrey sticks around to give us some behind the scenes info on The Day the Vorlon Died.

Oh, and remember when Jeffrey said he was ill the day they filmed the smackdown in the hall with Bruce Boxleitner? He found the pictures!

Babylon Podcast #98: Ship of Tears (Season 3)

Deep Geeking: This week, we talk about “Ship of Tears”, an episode with a tour de force performance by Walter Koenig. We get to see Bester as his usual menacing self, and we’re surprised with a suprisingly human and vulnerable aspect to the character we’d come to despise.

Alliances are shaken and shifted. Lines are being more clearly drawn in the upcoming battle between the forces of Order and Chaos.