Babylon Podcast #169: A Tragedy of Telepaths (Season 5)

Deep Geeking: Tim and Summer talk about “A Tragedy of Telepaths”, discussing the inevitable turn of events around the telepath situation towards the tragic ending that most around Sheridan feared would come to pass, especially once Bester released the hounds.

Babylon Podcast #168: In the Kingdom of the Blind (Season 5)

Deep Geeking: Tim and Summer discuss on “In the Kingdom of the Blind”, and Summer has a few nits to pick about some of the rash, early actions to force the Alliance member worlds to give telepaths a home of their own.

Babylon Podcast #167: Day of the Dead (Season 5)

Deep Geeking: Tim and Summer disagree on “Day of the Dead”, and boy, do we chat about THAT difference of opinion! Written by Neil Gaiman, it’s the first produced episode not written by JMS since Season 2 (since “Knives”?).

Tim thinks it’s a weak effort, and Summer thinks it’s one of the better episodes of Season 5 (and everyone knows how Summer feels about most of Season 5).

Babylon Podcast #166: Secrets of the Soul (Season 5)

Deep Geeking: Tim and Gary talk about the developments and character shifts from “Secrets of the Soul”. The first secret revolves around Byron discovering the extent of the Vorlon’s involvement in the creation of telepaths, and the guys chat about Byron’s dramatic shift from peaceful resistance to enraged outcast because of that new knowledge.

Babylon Podcast #165: Strange Relations (Season 5)

Deep Geeking: Tim, Summer and Jeffrey discuss “Strange Relations”, and how previously unrevealed interpersonal relationships begin to lead to shifting allegiances and alliances.

Babylon Podcast #164: Feedbackapalooza

Summer also regales the audience with select readings from her copy of the Fan Club provided “Crusade Writers Bible”, hopefully addressing some of the questions about Gideon’s Apocalypse Box, and Dureena’s proposed destiny.

Feedbackapalooza: Continuing the feedback from the previous show! Because of how much feedback we’ve been getting, we’re going to start including a few voicemails in each show, and hopefully keep them closer to the related shows.

Babylon Podcast #163: Feedbackapalooza

Who knew there was a Ducktona 500 and a Kenducky Derby?

Feedbackapalooza: Tim and Summer try to burn through the buildup of voicemails, and we haven’t even gotten to the ones commenting on the JMS interview yet.

Babylon Podcast #162: Interview with J. Michael Straczynski, Part 2

In this hour, JMS talks more with Tim and Summer about the development of Babylon 5 and the pros and cons of continuing or expanding the series, the real reason for putting his foot down on “big budget or nothing”, the broader realities of the hammer lock of Warner Bros has on any future “expanded universe” properties, and more.

Babylon Podcast #161: Interview with J. Michael Straczynski, Part 1

Interview: JMS, The Great Maker, graciously allows Tim and Summer to throw a seemingly endless stream of questions about the origins and creation of Babylon 5, the production and growing pains of the show, and dealing with the vagaries of the industry of Hollywood, the bizarre perfect storm surrounding Crusade on TNT, and more.

Babylon Podcast #160: Learning Curve (Season 5)

Deep Geeking: This week, Tim and Summer delve into “Learning Curve”, and Tim admits that while he likes this episode, there are a few dramatic elements throughout the story where the cliches fell flat for him.

Was it pacing? Timing? Something else entirely?

Babylon Podcast #159: Feedbackapalooza Jr

Feedbackapalooza Jr: Because of rogue tachyons bombarding the area around Draco Vista Studios, we are experiencing a causality break that threw spatial-temporal ordering into disarray, giving us 3 Summers but no Tim, no Jeffrey and no Mike.

So in order to prevent any permanent damage to the space-time continuum, we bring you a special episode: Feedbackapalooza Jr!

Babylon Podcast #158: A View From the Gallery (Season 5)

Deep Geeking: This week, Tim and Summer discuss “A View From the Gallery”, the story of a day in the life on the station as seen from two maintenance workers who still need to go about their usual duties in the middle of a dangerous battle situation.

Do you think this episode appropriately captures a view of life on the station for the regular people?