Babylon Podcast #145: Feedbackapalooza

Discussion: Tim and Summer revisit the discussion about Ivanova’s “I am Death Incarnate” declaration before leading the White Star fleet up against the advanced EA Destroyer fleet. We compare it to President Laura Roslin’s speech from the recent BSG Season 4 episode “Blood on the Scales”, and Summer amends her previous assessment of Ivanova’s speech. She doesn’t hate it, like Tim and Mike do, but it definitely doesn’t rank as high in her estimation as before.

Babylon Podcast #144: Babylon 5 Scripts Team

Interview: Jan Schroeder and Jason Davis of the Babylon 5 Scripts Team join us to talk about the TV Movie Scripts book, and to tease us about a series of mystery books that will be coming our way starting in March.

Jason tells us how he came to the project, and his history of doing JMS interviews; both Jan and Jason talk about the finished movies vs the original scripts and extra materials that paint a different about of the movies, especially “Legend of the Rangers”.