Babylon Podcast #227: The Well of Forever (Crusade)

Deep Geeking: Tim, Summer and Bret chat about “The Well of Forever”, and there’s several points of disagreement on the content of the episode, and it could quite possibly be from either some lack of perception on our parts, or from looking to hard for a complex answer when it’s really much more simple than we think.

Summer believes the B story with Matheson and Mr Jones might have been served better as the A story, just because of the character depth and development potential that simmered underneath.

Additionally, Bret observes that Earth Alliance military ships with Greek names are doomed. They are the red-shirt ensigns of the B5 universe, and should be avoided at all costs.

Babylon Podcast #226: Visitors from Down the Street (Crusade)

Deep Geeking: Tim, Summer and Bret chat about “Visitors from Down the Street”, an episode filled with snark and more than wink and nod towards The X-Files.

Time has changed Tim’s perception of this episode, and now Bret wishes he’d done his homework and watched it!

And where do captains of deep space exploration vessels get their supply of Hawaiian shirts? Inquiring minds want to know…

Babylon Podcast #225: Feedbackapalooza 2: Palooza Harder

Continuing the Feedback marathon, Tim, Summer and Bret discuss their alcoholic beverage selections for the evening. And Summer has kettle corn, so between salty, sweet, and hoppy, we’re all ready to go.

Listener Voicemails: Despite what you hear, this episode is not the Neilapalooza, and no, we still don’t know why Bret became fixated on Corwin having a mullet.

We really should have talked about the Booze of Babylon 5, shouldn’t we have?

Babylon Podcast #224: Feedbackapalooza

Tim and Summer are growing concerned, because we don’t have any solid ideas for our 6th season opening yet.

Hopefully, Gary and Edmund have been plotting mischieviousness on our behalf.

Listener Voicemails: Time to catch up on the voicemails from the end of 2010!! And we are happy to hear the new voices chiming in after all this time!

So how much alcohol will it take to get Bret to sing for us? Do we really want to find out?

Babylon Podcast #223: The Long Road (Crusade)

In this episode, Tim and Summer discuss “The Long Road”, the games technomages play, whether or not dragons should still invoke a primal fear in space-faring races, and more.

Tim has a different appreciation for this episode when watched in the current order, and Summer likes how much better some of the character relationships have developed in this current viewing order.

Babylon Podcast #222: The Memory of War (Crusade)

Deep Geeking: Tim, Summer and Bret discuss “The Memory of War”, and this one, in Tim’s estimation, disappoints.

Talk ranges from the music matching the dramatic sequences and falling short on the action sequences, the quality of the CG scenes, and throwing the flag on gratuitous use of slow motion effects.

Discussion also touches upon the disappointment at the collapse of the show due to the complex situation surrounding Crusade on TNT and later on SciFi Channel.

Babylon Podcast #221: Music and Feedback

A few weeks back on Twitter via @babylonpodcast, Summer expressed her disappointment at finding dead space where the website used to be. This happened after 2am, and she happened to notice a tweet from Bear McCreary from earlier that evening expressing his excitement about his Human Target compositions… which led Summer to wonder aloud how cool it could be to have Bear score whatever new B5 project Warner Bros has been having secret talks with JMS about. Ah, to dream a little dream…

Babylon Podcast #220: The Needs of Earth (Crusade)

Speculation abounds surrounding JMS’ announcement that he’s stepping away from the Wonder Woman and Superman monthly comics in order to focus on writing Earth One sequel instead. The full extent of his work slate seems to still be under wraps.

Deep Geeking: Tonight, after a brief tangent into lamenting the short lifespan of most smart scifi shows, we geek on the Crusade episode “The Needs of Earth”.

Babylon Podcast #219: Racing the Night (Crusade)

Tim and Summer are joined by The Jason Davis to talk about the adventure that was the records excavation that became the new volume “Artifacts from Beyond the Rim”.

Deep Geeking: The year we really did finally make it to Crusade.

Going by the revised broadcast order, our first Crusade episode to geek on is “Racing the Night”, and Jason joins us for the analysis.

Babylon Podcast #218: The Well of Voicemail

The first minor quakes have begun: Warner Bros has called JMS regarding preliminary inquiries on another Babylon 5 project. We eagerly await more news!

Lensman Spotting: The over/under on Tim’s first Lensman comment was 4 minutes. See your boohkie, or drink 4 shots

Babylon Podcast #217: Our “Best of Babylon 5”

Discussion: Tim, Summer and Bret talk about the episodes they consider to be on their personal “best of” lists. It’s so hard to stick to a “Top 5”, and to make it fair we all intentionally didn’t include the obvious episodes, like “Sleeping in Light”, “War Without End”, and a handful of others.

Babylon Podcast #216: Feedback Party

Listener Feedback: One more show, catching up on the voicemails!