Babylon Podcast #215: Hair and Styling on Babylon 5

Tim, Summer and Bret give their opinions on hairstyles and hair care amongst humans and aliens in space in the 23rd century.

We go through the hair and hair stylings we can think of…

Babylon Podcast #214: Technology and Gadgets in B5

Tim and Summer talk about the technology and the everyday gadgets found on the station and in the hands of its command staff, crew and folks just passing through.

On the list this time around: ship behavior in space; handheld weapons and ship-based weapons; medical technologies; personal hygiene (showers and laundry)

Also, Mike sends his heartfelt gratitude to all who have donated to the show, because your generous contributions helped us get the studio back up and running in a moment of crisis.

Babylon Podcast #213: Feedbackapalooza, Deuce

We are Gary
We stand between the Edmund and the Neil
I am Gary
I stand between the Voicemail and the Phone

Babylon Podcast #212: Feedbackapalooza

Summer and Bret wonder if Tim truly saw a scene that he remembers with extra dialogue between Lochley and Garibaldi about the potential of Sheridan losing his grip on reality due to his “condition”. Or, Tim could have been tripping, or lucid dreaming… we may never know.

Then, Summer’s mind is blown from learning of a previously unknown connection between “Fist of the North Star” and B5, and how that ties into her fanfic vision of Crusade.

Babylon Podcast #211: A Call to Arms (Movie)

Tim and Summer delve into “A Call to Arms”, and amongst other things, talk about how the movie functions as a standalone movie rather than direct pilot for the new series, argue back and forth about some of the character development and interactions, speculate broadly on newly interpreted happenings and how they might have influenced things during later Crusade episodes that we never got, and much more.

Babylon Podcast #210: Listener Commentary

Tim, Bret and Gary dive into the first batch of voicemails discussing the “Babylon 5 Topics” series, addressing listener perspectives and opinions on those very topics, and theories we didn’t fully discuss.

Babylon Podcast #209: What Might Have Been, Part 2

Last week, our heroes risked breaching the fabric of the space-time continuum by trying to follow alternate Babylon 5 storylines to parallel universes where they might have been fully played out…

Discussion: Tim, Summer and Bret continue the discussion about alternate story possibilities within the original 5-year arc.

Babylon Podcast #208: The Babylon 5 That Might Have Been

This episode scratches the surface of the untapped, the unexplored, and the fanciful and highly speculative Babylon 5 storylines that either never came to be or were never considered, leaving us little option other than to argue about whether or not they should have been, and how things might have worked out differently for the series as a whole.

Fanfic aficionados got nothin’ on us.

Babylon Podcast #207: Law and Justice in Babylon 5

This episode is all about the justice, law, and the legal system as portrayed on Babylon 5, and how much it did or didn’t influence the story as a whole.

Babylon Podcast #206: Surprises in Babylon 5

Tim, Summer and Bret (and the entire B5 fandom) are glad to hear that Jerry Doyle is doing better and recovering well. We also discuss the lingering Hollywood accounting shenanigans, and how after all these years, Babylon 5 is still considered by Warner Bros to still be $80 million in the hole.

The topic this episode is all about the surprises we experienced while watching Babylon 5, both the very first time, and the subtle new things discovered on subsequent viewings.

Babylon Podcast #205: Feedbackapalooza, Second Wind

In addition to discussing our varying shower singing talents, Tim, Summer and Bret ponder yet more reasons why that shower curtain was there. The Vorlon encounter suits might have been used as practice rooms for Top 40 pop bands.

We also settle the dispute on which of us right about when it was mentioned in the show when more than just Sinclair had been examined and interrogated by the Grey Council, but that only opens up a whole different can o’ worms that bears further scrutiny and over-evaluation in only the way we can do!

Babylon Podcast #204: Feedbackapalooza

Tim, Summer and Bret jump back in the saddle in the new-old studio! Tim also reads an announcement about the new Wonder Woman outfit and story that’s the result of JMS taking over the reboot of the comic that he’ll be writing.

Feedbackapalooza: Summer gets lost in a temporal loop of host love and fan love and fan feedback love. Everything else is dust in the solar winds…