Babylon Podcast #203: Religion in Babylon 5

Tim was inspired by our discussion on “River of Souls”, which leads to tonight’s topic. Tim, Summer and Gary discuss religion, faith and spirituality as portrayed in Babylon 5.

From the premise and purpose of the Soul Hunters, to the clashes between science and faith, to the waning old faiths contrasted with the rise of new ones, there are no simple answers, which is why we keep debating the questions.

Babylon Podcast #202: River of Souls (Movie)

Summer wishes that we’d had more of a heads-up about Amazon’s $100 sale on all 5 seasons of Babylon 5, so that we could encourage a buying frenzy and start an entirely new round of Deep Geeking on the series. Anything we can do to keep the podcast going.

At a recent Orange County Screenwriters event, JMS stated that both he and WB are interested in doing a 20th anniversary story for 2013… so let the feeding frenzy begin.

Babylon Podcast #201: Interview with Leslie Erganian (Prop Designer)

Leslie Erganian, artist and prop designer for Season 1, joins us to talk about the scrounging and other creative solutions that went into creating many of the iconic props seen in Season 1.

Leslie talks about the craft behind making such items as the Grey Council staff, the translator, Adira’s star laces, the statue of the Li, the Centauri Goddess of Passion, and many more items, including the phenomenon of bilateral symmetry in the alien races, and the utensil challenges that not having it can cause at Craft Services.

Babylon Podcast #200: The Beefcake of Babylon 5

Laura from the League of Non-Aligned Knitters and Sandy Bruckner from join Summer in chatting about the male eye candy (or lack thereof) on Babylon 5.

Tonight’s definitely Ladies’ Night, but we’re still not sure if Bret was more interested in exploring his boundaries, or learning some new things about what women really want from a man.

Babylon Podcast #199: Feedbackapalooza V2

Just about everyone was missing in action this episode, so it’s lucky that we had Edmund from Greenville and Gary from Jacksonville to fill in, and yes, we are risking damage to the time-space continuum by having Gary both answer his own voicemails and call in a voicemail in response to his response to his own voicemail.

The fabric of our universe may never be the same.

And don’t miss next week’s special “Men of Babylon 5” episode!

Babylon Podcast #198: Feedbackapalooza V1

Since we are an equal opportunity platform for B5 Geeking, we are planning an all-girls “Men of Babylon 5” (from here on out to be called the B5 Beefcake episode). Well, Bret may join in, too, because he’s got an equal opportunity pleasure threshold.

Listener Feedback: Tim, Summer, Jeffrey and Bret lend their expertise and their podcast-juice filled opinions to the many voicemails that have been waiting for us.

Babylon Podcast #197: Day of the Dead Smackdown

Tim, Summer and Bret and special guest Gary from Jacksonville weigh in from their respective corners for the “Day of the Dead” smackdown you’ve all been waiting for!

We field questions from the voicemail bucket, and argue amongst ourselves so long that we made Mike squirm, yet in the end, we still didn’t manage to do anything beyond continuing to agree to disagree.

But the fact that Tim still thinks that “Day of the Dead” is worse than “Thirdspace” is borderline criminal.

Babylon Podcast #196: The Babes of Babylon 5

Tim, Jeffrey, Michael and Bret discuss just about anything and everything about the women of Babylon 5 and the portrayal of sex and sexuality on the show.

The only thing missing was a wall full of pinups for them to daydream over.

Fear not, there will soon be a girls night out where we’ll discuss sex a little bit more, and also the Babylon 5 beefcake selection!

Babylon Podcast #195: Thirdspace (Movie)

Tim, Summer and Bret weigh in on “Thirdspace”, the good the bad and the ugly of the movie. One of the TNT projects, it was much anticipated, but contained a few more warts than the die-hard B5 fans had become accustomed to over the previous seasons.

Babylon Podcast #194: Favorite and Least Favorite Things

Deep Geeking: Tim, Summer, Jeffrey and Bret discuss the story they love, in particular the moments or story arcs that they each would have liked to have seen more of (or seen much less of) during the course of the series.

The missteps, the grand designs, the twists that worked and the ones that didn’t, we open several cans of worms, and still manage to leave enough material untouched to continue this discussion at a later date.

Babylon Podcast #193: Feedbackapalooza with Music

Voicemails, plus emails.
With conjecture and tangents.
More Lazy Show Notes.

Babylon Podcast #192: In the Beginning (Movie)

Deep Geeking: Tim, Summer, Bret, Jeffrey, and Chuck discuss “In the Beginning”, the first of the Babylon 5 TV movies, and how it functions as a vehicle to introduce the series to a brand new audience coming in via TNT, and to the existing fans who may not have been able to see all of the previous four seasons due to inconsistencies in syndicated broadcast times.