Podcast Promos

Do you have your own podcast?

Do you want to use a promo for The Babylon Podcast in your own show?

We have plenty to choose from!

BabCast Isle: This is our newest promo, a B5 parody of Gilligan’s Island, created by long-time listener, contributor, and Three-Edged Sword voice actor Edmund Boys.

The BabCast Bunch: Another one in Edmund’s parody series, with a Brady Bunch take on Babylon 5

What Show Is This?! : This promo highlights just about everything that can and usually will go haywire behind the scenes during a recording session of The Babylon Podcast

Deep Geeking Promo: Long time friend of the show Jarsto created this promo for us several years ago, because we hadn’t made a new one ourselves since the first season. Our fans love us… they really really love us!

Deep Geeking Promo (version 2): and here’s an updated version of the “Deep Geeking” promo with bed music

If you use a promo in your show, let us know about it!

Do you want to use an image to help promote The Babylon Podcast? Feel free to grab one of these — and if you have a need for a size that isn’t here, ask us, and we’ll see about making more!

Just right-click on the image you want, save it to your system, then link it back to http://www.babylonpodcast.com