Babylon Podcast #246: Interview with Tucker Smallwood

Tim and Summer enjoy a chat with renowned character actor Tucker Smallwood, who played Mr David Endawi in the S3 episode “Matters of Honor”, and Commodore Glen Van Ross in Space: Above and Beyond.

Tucker talks about war as used in science fiction and his being a fan of science fiction literature growing up, and how his experience as an infantry commander in Vietnam informed his work and contributions to Space: Above and Beyond. He also talks about studying acting after being severely wounded, about struggling with and working through PTSD years after the fact, and more.

Babylon Podcast #242: Rules of the Game (Crusade)

Deep Geeking: Tim and Summer get Marjean’s thoughts on “Rules of the Game”, particularly the development of the relationship between Dr Chambers and Max Eilerson, discovering what and who Max cares about, and of course, Dr Chambers’ impeccable fashion sense and combat timing.

And yes, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Once her new project, Three Moon Rising, is ready, we’ll be talking with her again about it over at Slice of SciFi!

Babylon Podcast #240: Interview with Pat Tallman

Tim, Summer and Bret chat with Pat Tallman, mostly about the Lyta Alexander Favorites Poll, how the poll came about, and maybe even a hint about an upcoming book from our friends at

Seriously, who doesn’t like seeing chicks kicking butt?

Babylon Podcast #239: Interview with Carrie Dobro

Summer and Gary chat with Carrie Dobro (Dureena Nafeel)!

Carrie talks about how much fun she’d had on the show, the challenges of her costume and her contact lenses, about the possible character development paths that Dureena might have gone on with both Galen and Gideon, and much much more.

Reports of his death are greatly exaggerated

Jerry Doyle recently experienced a serious health crisis. The Babylon Podcast is pleased to say that he is alive and kicking (and taking names). To hear all the details, Jerry himself has posted an audio clip on his website.

Babylon Podcast #188: Interview with Jerry Doyle

Interview: Jerry Doyle stops by to chat with Tim, Summer, and Bret about his time on Babylon 5 and his memories of working on the series, his new career as a talk show host, his observations on the political and financial state of the country, and his new book Have You Seen My Country Lately?

Babylon Podcast #179: Interview with Brad Dourif

Interview: Tim, Summer and Jeffrey chat with Brad Dourif, his role as Brother Edward in “Passing Through Gethsemane”, and scifi and horror in general.

Brad reminisces about his time on the show, and tells us how much of a fan he was of the show back then, and much more.

Babylon Podcast #150: Interview with Stephen Furst

Interview: Stephen Furst joins us to reminisce about directing “The Deconstruction of Falling Stars”… at least, that was the initial plan.

And as we all know, the most entertaining shows always veer off their intended courses… “Babylon 5: The Musical”… ’nuff said!

Stay tuned next week for a super-sized Feedbackapalooza!

Babylon Podcast #141: Interview with Ed Wasser

Interview: It’s the interview almost everyone has been waiting for. Ed Wasser joins us this week, and he tells us how he thinks that the attraction to Morden comes from the undeniable allure of the mystery and the appeal of the bad guy. We also talk about how he came to Babylon 5, and how his asking for a more dangerous part led to him getting the role of Morden, his fan club and convention visits, and more.

The depth and reach of Morden’s plans definitely affects the entire series, even though he was only on screen for 13 episodes. It’s a testament to the writing and the performances that major characters that only appear from time to time can have such a large impact on the overall series story arc.

Claudia’s New Blog, Merchandise

Claudia Christian has a new Blog. She will talk about her new upcoming projects, books she’s reading etc. She can write and post right from her computer so there will be lots of updates. You can find it at She also has a new print out for the summer. It is one of a […]

Babylon Podcast Special Edition #4: DragonCon 2007

Kurt from The ScapeCast recorded Claudia Christian’s panel at this year’s Dragon*Con, and was kind enough to make it available to share with Babylon Podcast listeners.

Babylon Podcast #83: Interview with Keegan Macintosh (Prince Vintari)

Interview: Keegan Macintosh (Prince Vintari) joins the Babylon Podcast crew for an interview, “confesses” to listening to the show, and moves straight on to mastering the accent, how he got cast as Vintari, and what David Bowie had to do with it.