Babylon Podcast #265: Babylon 5 Comics: In Valen’s Name

We celebrate the news that Walter Koenig will finally be receiving his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and the ceremony will be held September 10, 2012. While he’s the last of the original Star Trek cast to get a star, he is the second Babylon 5 cast member to have a star… and curious fans want to know if his star will have a Federation emblem or a Psi Corps emblem on it?

Deep Geeking: Tim, Jeremy and guest Neil from Bowie discuss the DC Comics miniseries “In Valen’s Name”.

Babylon Podcast #264: Babylon 5 Comics Review

Deep Geeking: This week, both Gary from Jacksonville and Neil from Bowie join Summer and Jeremy to discuss the initial 11-issue run of Babylon 5 comics, published originally by DC Comics, and later collected into graphic novel collections by Titan Books and by DC.

Babylon Podcast #263: Overview of Babylon 5 Comics and other Collectibles

Discussion: Tim, Summer, Jeremy and guest Gary from Jacksonville discuss the plan for talking about the Babylon 5 comics published by DC Comics and by Titan Books. Many issues surrounded the actual creation, writing and publication of the series, and Gary gives us a little bit of that wacky history.

Poll: Would You Buy Digital Babylon 5 stories?

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Babylon Podcast #259: Legend of the Rangers (movie)

Deep Geeking: Tim, Summer and Jeremy discuss the last Babylon 5 made-for-TV movie, Legend of the Rangers, which aired in January 2002. Yes, ten years ago, people. A treatment for this movie exists in Scriptbook Volume 10, and the full script is in the TV Movies scriptbook, so compare and contrast at your leisure.

Let the nitpicking begin: there aren’t many real issues with the actual story, just some execution miscues.