Babylon Podcast #274: The Technomage Trilogy

Deep Geeking: The Technomage trilogy, written by Jeanne Cavelos, is subtitled The Passing of the Technomages. The books in the series are “Casting Shadows”, “Summoning Light” and “Invoking Darkness”.

This trilogy tells the story arc of the Technomages from Galen’s time as an initiate, during the slow rise of the Shadows new influence throughout the galaxy, the discovery of the truth behind the links between the Shadows and the technology that gives the technomages their powers, the division amongst the mages on whether they should stay and fight the Shadows or if they should flee, and their involvement in Sheridan’s mission to destroy Z’ha’dum.

Babylon Podcast #174: B5 Dragon*Con Report

Dragon*Con Report: Gary goes into detail on the handful of B5 panels, and some of the scheduling challenges introduced by the powerhouse event featuring William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy; and makes all fans jealous with anecdotes of his interactions with the series attendees Bruce Boxleitner, Tracy Scoggins, Claudia Christian, Peter Jurasik, Stephen Furst, and Julie Caitlin Brown.

Babylon 5 at Westercon 62

This coming weekend, July 2-5th, Westercon 62 (FiestaCon) is being held in Tempe AZ, at the very nice Tempe Mission Palms Resort and Hotel. When I saw that they were including a Babylon 5 panel (for the first time in a long time), I knew I needed to be the moderator! BABYLON 5: THE ENDURING […]

Official B5 videos available online

This is from the jms moderated news group, courtesy of Jan (B5 Scripts) who pointed it out to me.  I hope it helps get you through the holiday hiatus. Title: The official Babylon 5 Music Videos are now online! Author: John Hudgens Date: Sun, 7 Dec 2008 21:54:09 -0800 (PST) As some of you may […]

Babylon Podcast #128: Racing Mars (Season 4)

Deep Geeking: Tim and Summer talk about “Racing Mars”, delving into the abundant humor playing around the relationship between Franklin and Marcus and their cover story for going to Mars, in Ivanova relieving Sheridan of duty and in trying to make deals with smugglers in the hopes of opening up new supply lines for the station.

JMS Guest Speaker at Mars Society Convention

J. Michael Straczynski is scheduled to speak at the 11th Annual Mars Society Convention, in Boulder, Colorado August 14-17th. Convention Information: Who: Hundreds of Mars Experts and Enthusiasts What: Eleventh Annual Mars Society Convention When: August 14-17, 2008 Where: University of Colorado, Boulder Why: Your chance to hear the latest news and research from Mars, […]

JMS News from Wondercon

Over at Comic Book Resources, there’s a good summation of JMS’ appearance on the DC Comics Panel at Wondercon this past weekend. Thanks to Ian Smith for the heads-up link! The highlights: * More “Lost Tales” is on the way” * Filming on “The Changeling” is complete, film due in November 2008 * “World War […]

Babylon Podcast #12: Mind War (Season 1)

Jeffrey fills in some details on his and Pat Tallman’s trip to Italy to attend DeepCon, and hanging out with Anthony Simcoe (“FarScape”) and Alexander Siddig (“Deep Space 9”).

Next, Tim and Summer chat about “Mind War”, the episode that introduces us to the Psi Cops, and gives us our first long hard look at Earth’s telepaths and the organization designed to control them.