Crusade: Other Voices, Vol 2

This release completes the 2-volume CRUSADE: OTHER VOICES series.

If this book weren’t already titled CRUSADE: OTHER VOICES, we could have named it “THE LOST TALES” because this volume includes THREE never-before-published CRUSADE scripts

Babylon Podcast #237: Ruling From the Tomb (Crusade)

Tim, Summer and Bret discuss “Ruling From the Tomb”, written by Peter David.

Tim has questions about the execution of this episode’s premise. While he’s good with the cropping up of doomsday cults, the abundance of coincidental meetings and convergent threads doesn’t sit well with him.

There are pieces of this episode that were changed or removed between earlier drafts and the final shooting, and details about those are in Crusade: Other Voices, Vol 2, and we can’t wait for Peter David to join us to talk about them.

Forgiveness and “The Path of Sorrows”

Since the question keeps coming up, I realize that I haven’t fully and clearly stated why having the alien entity in “The Path of Sorrows” going around forgiving everyone doesn’t work for me, like I’d promised to.

Hopefully this takes care of that.

Babylon Podcast #235: Interview with Marjean Holden

Tim and Summer chat with Marjean Holden, our honorary co-host for this episode!

Marjean talks about her ventures into writing for television and film, her love of the science fiction genre, the anticipation of experiencing Crusade‘s story shift after they’d found the cure but would be chased down to prevent them from distributing it, and the loss of not being able to follow and finish that story.

Let’s start the rumor mill ourselves: Marjean Holden is on board for that secret Crusade miniseries project!

Babylon Podcast #233: Interview with David Allen Brooks

Tim and Summer chat with David Allen Brooks, about how he got into acting, how he approached the character of Max Eilerson, the research into being a scientist and archaeologist, the differences he observed between working on a science fiction drama compared to “just another” police procedural, the fans of Max, where Max’s story arc might have taken him, and much more.

Crusade: Other Voices, Vol 1

What can you expect to find inside CRUSADE: OTHER VOICES VOLUME 1?

A brand new CRUSADE adventure in a never-before-seen — or even known about — SECOND SEASON script (What second season? That’s our point!). This script was discovered in 2010, 11 years after it was written.

Oh, did we mentioned that said script was written by Peter Woodward –as in the fabulous British actor who portrayed Galen the techno-mage?

Babylon Podcast SE #7: Crusade: Other Voices, Vol 1

The Babylon 5 Scripts Team sent Tim and Summer a surprise this week, and just around the same time that they are releasing this latest scriptbook into the wild, you can hear us give you a sneak peek into the book’s contents.

Babylon Podcast #232: The Path of Sorrows (Crusade)

Deep Geeking: Tim and Summer are joined by The Jason Davis and Edmund Boys to discuss “The Path of Sorrows”.

Questions abound because of this episode, about the pasts of our crew, about how many more secrets may have been revealed to us over time, and much more.

Jason talks about how this episode was one of the points of contention between TNT and JMS because it was character building (just not how they asked for it?), and more.

Babylon Podcast #231: Patterns of the Soul (Crusade)

Deep Geeking: Tim and Summer discuss “Patterns of the Soul”, an episode that gives us our first glimpse of conspiracies and ulterior motives that may be exploiting opportunities brought about after the introduction of the plague to the human population.

They discuss what types of patterns the episode title might refer to, and how the various secrets being guarded by each party involved in this encounter are related, in how they color everyone’s actions.

Babylon Podcast #230: Tangentopalooza

We have a report from Danny in Adelaide about Armageddon Expo! He talks about Pat Tallman’s appearance and a Skype call from JMS. The big news is about the Sherlock Holmes-Harry Houdini story that JMS sold to Dreamworks, and that there are whispers in the dark about a Babylon 5 project broached by WB to The Great Maker.

Babylon Podcast #229: The Palooza of Wine and Candy

Summer has Stone Levitation, Bret has Jack Daniels and Diet Coke, and Tim is drinking red wine and eating M&Ms. That explains a lot about Tim, doesn’t it?

It’s Feedback Time

Babylon Podcast #228: Each Night I Dream of Home (Crusade)

Deep Geeking: Tim, Summer and Bret chat about “Each Night I Dream of Home”, an episode that ties into the importance of Excalibur’s mission, and shows us just how complex the task of decoding the Drakh plague virus truly is.

Tim recalls how he originally disliked this episode, because of what he thought was the “stunt casting” of characters from the original series to hook old fans; and Summer disagrees that it was “stunt casting” solely to garner ratings for TNT.