Babylon Podcast #249: Neilapalooza

Feedback spill on aisle 5!

Babylon Podcast #238: Rebootapalooza

We get a minor “Thor” report from Bret, who totally forgot to keep an eye out for the JMS cameo, but he liked the movie.

Then came the flood of voicemail…

Lennier Scolds Tim on “Day of the Dead”

Lennier has a message for dear Tim (and Bret?) about “Day of the Dead”: Thanks to Tom from Maine for his artistic endeavors. Be sure to check out the other images in his Babylon 5 Action Figures Gallery

Babylon Podcast #232: The Path of Sorrows (Crusade)

Deep Geeking: Tim and Summer are joined by The Jason Davis and Edmund Boys to discuss “The Path of Sorrows”.

Questions abound because of this episode, about the pasts of our crew, about how many more secrets may have been revealed to us over time, and much more.

Jason talks about how this episode was one of the points of contention between TNT and JMS because it was character building (just not how they asked for it?), and more.

Babylon Podcast #197: Day of the Dead Smackdown

Tim, Summer and Bret and special guest Gary from Jacksonville weigh in from their respective corners for the “Day of the Dead” smackdown you’ve all been waiting for!

We field questions from the voicemail bucket, and argue amongst ourselves so long that we made Mike squirm, yet in the end, we still didn’t manage to do anything beyond continuing to agree to disagree.

But the fact that Tim still thinks that “Day of the Dead” is worse than “Thirdspace” is borderline criminal.

Babylon Podcast #167: Day of the Dead (Season 5)

Deep Geeking: Tim and Summer disagree on “Day of the Dead”, and boy, do we chat about THAT difference of opinion! Written by Neil Gaiman, it’s the first produced episode not written by JMS since Season 2 (since “Knives”?).

Tim thinks it’s a weak effort, and Summer thinks it’s one of the better episodes of Season 5 (and everyone knows how Summer feels about most of Season 5).